There have been many things to shake with the word old.

The nerve war between LeBron James (39, 205cm) and Dylan Brooks (27, 201cm) is a hot topic every day. To be precise, it was Brooks’ one-sided provocation.

The two players clashed in the first round of the NBA Western Conference playoffs as the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, respectively. After Game 2, Brooks said, “I wish I had defended LeBron in his Miami Heat or Cleveland Cavaliers days. LeBron is too old now. I wouldn’t respect him unless he scored 40 or more points against me.”카지노사이트

During the game, he thrust his face into Lebron and gave trash talk. In Game 3, he was ejected for hitting LeBron in the groin. Ahead of Game 4 on the 25th (Korean time), he said, “I’m not going to take back my words that LeBron is getting old. I’m not saying I’m wrong.”

LeBron’s reaction is that it doesn’t matter. Twenty years have passed since his professional debut.

LeBron is the NBA’s all-time leader in playoff appearances and scoring. DeShaun Stevenson, Joachim Noah, Lance Stevenson, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce, Draymond Green, and many more have stimulated LeBron in various ways.

Lebron said, “This is not the first time this has happened. During my basketball career, certain players have been fighting. Look at my career. I am proving what kind of player I am. I am not swayed by words.”

So far, Brooks’ provocations have failed. The Lakers have a 2-1 lead, and LeBron has performed well for his age. In his last 3 games, he made home fans go wild with dunk shots and putback scores that utilized his athleticism in the second half.

The average record of 3 games in the first round with Memphis is 24.7 points, 10.7 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 1.7 block shots, and the field shooting success rate is 50%. On the other hand, Brooks only scored 11.3 points and had a field goal success rate of 32.5%.

“I keep saying that, but my focus is on finding a way to beat Memphis with my teammates. It’s not working out how to beat a specific Memphis player,” LeBron said. will,” he promised.

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