Teams that wanted Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca) are withdrawing their recruiting plans.  

Atletico Madrid, which showed the greatest interest in Lee Kang-in, raised Lee Kang-in’s ransom from 17 million euros (approximately 24.7 billion won) to 20 million euros (29.1 billion won), but suddenly withdrew from the market.

Aston Villa’s movements are also quiet. ‘Birmingham Live’ Aston Villa reporter Ashley Freese said on the 18th, ‘There are rumors that Villa withdrew from the Lee Kang-in match’, and said, “It’s really quiet these days. There is no news from the Mallorca side at all. There are no clubs that raise the ransom anymore.”

At Wolverhampton, another club interested in Lee Kang-in, the situation worsened. British media ‘Express & Star’ said on the 17th, “The Wolverhampton club needs to sell some players this summer to comply with the Financial Fair Play regulations. Hwang Hee-chan, a player of the Korean national team, is one of them. Hwang Hee-chan’s ransom is 14 million pounds (approximately 23.3 billion won).”토토사이트

If Wolverhampton has to sell Hwang Hee-chan due to financial difficulties, it is self-evident that they cannot afford to recruit Lee Kang-in. It is clear that the clubs that wanted Lee Kang-in are stepping back one step for various reasons. /

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