While major European clubs are expected to jump into the recruitment of Lee Kang-in this summer, in Mallorca, regret over losing Lee Kang-in was revealed. 

The Majorca media ‘Mallorca Daily Bulletin’ reported on the 12th (Korean time), “There is news that Atletico Madrid is ready to sign Lee Kang-in,” referring to Mallorca’s situation in selling players ahead of the transfer market this summer. 

Lee Kang-in, who is the core of Mallorca this season, is showing off his tremendous skills in every game, growing into a representative playmaker in La Liga. 

In addition to kicking and passing, which were his strengths, his defense and speed improved, and Lee Kang-in’s share in the team’s performance increased significantly. As his performance continued, major clubs in Europe have already started putting Lee Kang-in’s name at the top of their recruiting list.

Lee Kang-in, who left Valencia before the 2021/22 season and joined Mallorca, signed a contract until June 2025 at the time, leaving the contract for about two years even after this season ends. His annual salary recently turned out to be around 700 million won, which is quite low among La Liga players.

However, along with Lee Kang-in’s tremendous performance, many major European clubs want to sign him, and Mallorca also received news that he would send Lee Kang-in if he received an appropriate transfer fee offer. 

It was also predicted that Mallorca would approve the transfer if only an offer of 17 million euros (approximately 24.7 billion won), known as Lee Kang-in’s buyout, was received locally.

However, despite the club’s decision, Mallorca’s media did not hide their regret about Lee Kang-in’s departure. 

Mallorca Daily Bulletin noted, “Sales of Lee Kang-in’s uniforms at both the club’s stadium and club store have tripled, and they are sold out regularly. The official online website has overflowed with inquiries about uniforms, and sales have soared.” 먹튀검증

“Sadly, due to the interest of the Premier League club, it is only a matter of time for Lee Kang-in to leave this club,” he expressed regret at the departure of Lee Kang-in, who had a great impact on not only performance but also the team’s sales.

However, he also admitted that it was time to send Lee Kang-in.

The Mallorca Daily Bulletin said, “Lee Kang-in wants to move to a bigger club and play on a bigger stage. It’s a painful loss for us, but if he wants to leave, there’s no point in keeping the player. You will benefit, find a replacement and be able to afford it.” 

Meanwhile, the media predicted that Atlético was the most likely destination in the Lee Kang-in recruitment match. “Atlético are ready to meet the buyout clause and are one step ahead of their rivals on the market,” he said.

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