Lee Kyung-eun (35, 173cm) aims to compete in all games this season. He’s already more than half done.

Veteran Lee Kyung-eun joined Kumho Life Insurance (now BNK Some) as the second overall pick in the 2006 WKBL Rookie Draft, and transferred to Shinhan Bank ahead of the 2018-2019 season after passing through Woori Bank and Kumho Life Insurance. Lee Kyung-eun suffered from frequent injuries during his playing days, but he is continuing his 18th professional career.

Appeared in 17 of 17 games this season. Lee Kyung-eun has participated in all 17 Shinhan Bank games and is showing off her healthy appearance. On December 25th, in the second overtime match against Cheongju KB Stars, he scored 10 of the 20 points he posted that day only in the second overtime. His skillful seniority led Shinhan Bank to victory in the end. A healthy Lee Kyung-eun holds the center of the team with Han Chae-jin, the team’s oldest. Director Gunadan fully trusts the skill of these two. Lee Kyung-eun paid more attention to body care to spend a healthy season contributing to the team.

Lee Kyung-eun said, “During his playing career, he lived with strengthening exercises to take care of his body. He said strengthening exercises are the most important to me. You can do more on the court when you don’t get sick,” he said of the importance of strengthening exercises.

“It is also important to recover after the game. Eating well is important, and the team pays a lot of attention to it. He told the players in detail about the importance of protein intake, carbohydrate intake, and hydration in proportion to the player’s weight.” 토토

Lee Kyung-eun, who regretted the management method she learned after becoming a senior, said, “I think how great it would have been if I had known this since I was a child. He thinks it is a good and helpful thing for the players below, so he tells them to take care of it. However, since they are young players, I can see that they want to snack on snacks (laughs).”

Lee Kyung-eun is also a good example for new players. Shim Soo-hyun said, “(Lee) Kyung-eun and his older sister are evaluated as genius guards. I want to become a guard who is good at attacking and passing like her older sister,” she said, citing Lee Kyung-eun as her role model.

Lee Kyung-eun, who played 17 out of 30 games, plans to play the remaining games in a healthier appearance.

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