Ace’s injury and an unfamiliar court. Besides, even the ups and downs of the weather… . The first competition of the 2023 season was not easy. However, Yujong’s beauty was reaped. He won a valuable bronze medal.

NH Nonghyup Bank Lee Min-seon (25) and Lee Jeong-woon (22) paired Rina Suzuki and Hikaru Shirasaki (Tokyo Women’s Sports) in the women’s doubles 3rd place match at the 2023 International Soft Tennis (Tennis) Championship held at Onoyama Stadium in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan on the 12th. University) defeated the pair 5-2. It was a meaningful achievement that was achieved while suffering from withdrawal from the quarterfinals in women’s singles (Moon Hye-kyung, NH Nonghyup Bank), elimination in the men’s singles round of 32 (Lee Moo-yeon, Daejeon University), and elimination in the men’s doubles round of 16 (Lee Moo-yeon and Lim Jin-young, Daejeon University). Only NH Nonghyup Bank (women’s division) and Daejeon University (men’s division) participated in this competition due to the influence of the upcoming national team selection.

After the game, Lee Min-seon said, “It was not easy to adapt to the artificial turf court after coming to Japan for a long time (with Corona 19). He tried to adapt to the court as much as possible and tried to play aggressively so as not to be pushed back by the opponent. Lee Jung-woon attributed the victory to his partner, saying, “I was able to win because her sister (Lee Min-seon) led her well.” 카지노사이트

Ahead of the national selection match to be held on the 26th, I have my own homework along with confidence. The national team selected this time will participate in the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. Lee Min-seon said, “During the game, there was a tendency to be in a hurry in a close situation. The more he does, the more he will have to find my pattern calmly,” he said. Lee Jeong-woon also expressed his determination to be different in the national team selection game, saying, “I regret playing passively.”

Director Yoo Yeong-dong of NH Nonghyup Bank, who is also the national team commander, said, “Because of the promise I made with the organizing committee, I participated in the tournament even before the selection.” I think I took a mock test, and I will fill in the shortcomings revealed in the competition until the selection.” Ace Moon Hye-kyung, who suffered an unexpected ankle injury, has to undergo a detailed examination in Korea to determine her exact condition, but fortunately it does not appear to be a major injury. Director Yoo said, “(Moon) Hye-gyeong finds a sense of the game after working out for a few days. I think she will be able to participate in the selection match,” sweeping her chest.

Although many circumstances were not good, the Korean team, which won the bronze medal on the last day, will return home on the morning of the 13th.

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