Lionel Messi (35, Argentina)’s social media (SNS) account caught fire.

On the 30th (Korean time), Messi told the story of what happened on Instagram right after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar through the Argentine media ‘Infobae’. Messi started by saying, “I thought many people would like to see me holding the World Cup trophy.”

He continued, “I posted a picture of the World Cup championship ceremony, and it seems that the post spread to people all over the world. Countless comments and direct messages (DM) poured in. I could only read a small portion of the text. I was sent a whopping 1 million DMs, so Instagram temporarily blocked my social media account.”

Instagram often blocks the accounts of some users. There are several cases in which the social media accounts of celebrities who have a history of sex crimes or have caused controversy by law have been blocked for this reason. However, Messi was briefly blocked for the reason that ‘too many likes, comments and messages were gathered in one account’. 안전놀이터

He also set records. The post Messi posted right after winning the World Cup took the most ‘likes’ for a single post on Instagram. As of the 31st, this post has received 75 million likes. For reference, as of January 2023, the population of the Republic of Korea is 51,558,000 as of the National Statistical Office.

The second place in Instagram likes is a picture of an egg from the account world_record_egg (59 million likes), third is another post by Messi (54 million likes), and fourth is a post by Cristiano Ronaldo (42 million).

Regarding the record for the most likes, Messi said, “I didn’t intend to get a lot of likes. Nevertheless, I heard that she received the most likes. (Winning the World Cup is) unbelievable,” he replied.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Metaplatform, which runs Instagram, confirmed that “Messi’s World Cup victory celebration post received the most likes on Instagram.” He also noted the topicality of the World Cup finals by adding, “During the Qatar World Cup finals, WhatsApp (Messenger app) sent 25 million messages per second.”

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