Memphis collapsed again. Now, even the second place in the West cannot be relieved.

With this defeat, Memphis suffered their 20th loss (32 wins) of the season. It was a game that exposed their fatal weakness, the difference in home-away performance. Before the game on this day, Memphis was extremely strong with 21 wins and 4 losses at home, but on the road it was 11 wins and 15 losses, with a win rate of less than 50%. With the defeat, the away record was worse at 11-16.

8 matches, 1 win, 7 losses. Just last month, Denver and Memphis in the West 2nd round looked solid, but with the defeat on this day, the gap with the Sacramento Kings in 3rd place in the West was reduced to 2 games. The second place is also in a position where you can’t be relieved. 메이저사이트

The reason why the loss was even more painful was that opponent ace Donovan Mitchell played only 22 minutes and was sent off after a brawl with Dylan Brooks with 5 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

The score at the time was 76-81. It was a skirmish. However, when the opposing ace was sent off, it was Memphis that collapsed like a ghost. Evan Mobley scored a dunk shot and Cedi Ozman scored a free throw to double digits, and at the start of the fourth quarter Ozman even hit a 3-pointer to make it 87-102.

Memphis was agitated. Allen’s dunk shot and Mobley’s layup exploded, and in the middle of the fourth quarter Ricky Rubio and Ozman allowed three-point shots in a row, and the score widened to 100-121. In the helpless flow, Memphis, which continued to give up runs rather than chase, ended the game with a shocking defeat.

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