“You have to play aggressively. You can’t win if you play it safe.”

Japan’s ‘Gekisaka’ reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Doan Ritsu of the Japanese soccer team criticized the team’s style for playing ‘J-League-style soccer.'”

On the 28th at 7:20 pm, Japan lost 1-2 in a friendly match against Colombia, a South American powerhouse, held at Yodoko Sakura Stadium in Osaka, Japan.  바카라

With this, Japan finished March A match with 1 draw and 1 loss. Japan drew 1-1 against Uruguay on the 24th, but recorded its first defeat this year against Colombia on the same day. 

When asked to compare Korea and Japan after the game, coach Nestor Lorenzo, who is leading Colombia, said, “Both teams are very high-level teams,” but “The difference is that Korea is more aggressive and tactically more compact. Japan is 1 I got the impression that there are many players who are strong against 1.”

As coach Lorenzo evaluated, Japan started Moriyasu 2nd with 1 draw and 1 loss, but the number of shots was only 9 shots in 2 games. In both games, Doan, who started as a starter, also failed to take a single shot.

“We have to pass a little more aggressively and compete for the second ball. It’s dangerous, but without such a scene, we can’t progress at all,” he said, “I can’t move forward just by playing safely.”

Here, Doan also aimed directly at director Moriyasu. “I’m not criticizing the J-League, but the Japanese soccer team plays like the J-League,” he said.

The interesting thing is that Doan Ritsudo is from Gamba Osaka youth and played in the J-League from 2015 to 2018. After that, he moved to Europe with FC Groningen and PSV Eindhoven.

Do-ahn, who also drew attention for his resemblance to Hwang Hee-chan, is eating rice with Jung Woo-young of the Korean national soccer team at SC Freiburg in the German Bundesliga this season.

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