German national team goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who is currently recovering from a major skiing injury, has denied rumors of national team retirement.

Neuer was seriously injured in a skiing accident while on vacation after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Neuer, who suffered a fracture in his right foot, is unlikely to return in the 2022-2023 season. In the midst of this, some are talking about the possibility of Neuer retiring in the aftermath of this injury. Many footballers, including former German national goalkeeper legend Harald Schumacher, are recommending retirement from the national team.

However, Neuer has no intention of retiring from the national team. According to French media RMC Sports, Neuer “continues to keep in touch with German national football team coach Hansi Flick,” and he made it clear that he would try again to qualify for the Euro 2026 finals. 카지노사이트

“I can say that to anyone, but whenever I do, I look in the mirror as usual and tell myself the truth. I want to say that I don’t think that happens,” he said, emphasizing that he had no intention of giving up his career as a national team player.

However, it is doubtful whether Neuer will be able to overcome the aftermath of his injury and keep his position as the national team’s main goalkeeper. Anyway, for now, it is Neuer who has no choice but to aim to stand on the pitch by fulfilling the given rehabilitation program.

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