The New York Knicks (hereafter New York) traded Cam Reddish (23).

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski reported on the morning of the 9th that “New York traded with the Portland Trail Blazers.”

According to Woz, New York will get Josh Hart and a protected first-round pick in exchange for Reddish, Svi Mikhailuk and Ryan Alchidiacono.

New York had no choice but to use the first-round pick to deal with Reddish, who had become a troublemaker. However, the Hart recruitment itself is highly evaluated. Hart is a 3&D (three-point shooting and defense) resource, as well as a great resource for rebounding and assisting reading.

Portland was focused on shaping its future with New York’s first-round pick. And while reducing Hart’s salary, which amounted to 12.9M dollars (approximately 16.3 billion won), he succeeded in reducing salaries by about 3M (approximately 3.7 billion won). 바카라사이트

I also bought a lottery ticket that hasn’t opened yet, Reddish. However, Reddish has been excluded from the rotation several times due to defensive problems by manager Tom Thibodue. Therefore, it is understood that the recruitment of Reddish does not mean much.

Meanwhile, New York is aiming for the top spot in the Eastern Conference with 30 wins and 26 losses this season. Portland finished 12th in the Western Conference with a record of 26-28 this season.

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