The New York Knicks are looking for perimeter reinforcements.

According to SNY reporter Ian Begley, New York is interested in Detroit Pistons’ Sadik Bay (forward, 201cm, 98kg).

New York is hoping to secure outside power ahead of the trade deadline this season. Julius Randle and Jaylen Brunson are holding the center, so it would be great if they filled the perimeter.

Coincidentally, New York also secured multiple nomination rights through several previous deals. In addition, they hope to reduce the salary cap to some extent. Detroit has room on the salary cap, so it’s worth the trade. New York deserves to bring Bay if they keep their existing strength and add to their existing contract clearances and naming rights. It could be much easier to trade compared to the highly valued OG Anunobi (Toronto).

Detroit, which has been pushed out without fail this season, has been struggling with injuries to key players. To make matters worse, as Cade Cunningham ended this season early due to injury, he had no choice but to jump into competition as a rookie, let alone achieve his desired performance. Accordingly, Detroit deserves attention in securing the nomination right through the player now. 스포츠토토

It is in the same context that Detroit is setting the value of Boyan Bogdanovic high this time. It is difficult to predict right now, but if you secure a ticket for the first round through Bogdanovic and Bay, you can receive more strength in the future. However, it seems important when and at which point the nomination rights can be headed. More than anything, the key is how active Detroit can be in trading.

Bay is a promising prospect for Detroit. She is still only in her early twenties and still has a rookie contract remaining. Because the upcoming 2023-2024 season is classified as a team option. No wonder Detroit, which is reorganizing, owns the Bay. Durability is solid. Having played 70 games in his first season, he didn’t miss a game last season.

His performance this season is also decent. He has played 48 games to date, averaging 14.6 points (.402 .343 .853), 4.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1 steal in 28.8 minutes per game. All this season, he missed four games at the end of November. His overall performance is not as good as last season, but it is largely due to a slight decrease in playing time. He stands out in his last nine games, averaging 19.9 points in 31.9 minutes.

Meanwhile, New York is hoping to bring back the Anunobi. He’s already been known for offering multiple nominations. New York has the most draft picks outside of the Oklahoma City Thunder. As his power this season is good, I hope that he will give strength to his current power for his desired performance.

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