Seung Kook Choi lost to Hyun Sung Park in the flyweight final and missed out on a spot in the UFC. Despite the loss, the UFC gave him a second chance.

Choi’s first opponent was India’s Sumit Kumar. He is a formidable fighter with 8 MMA wins. He’s a first-round finisher, so I plan to play defense in the first round and then go for the kill in the second.

“I believe in you,” he said to himself as he entered the Octagon.

Ki-bin Kim was knocked out in the first round by Indonesia’s Jekah Saragi in the lightweight semifinals. The knockout came out of nowhere.

Confident of victory after the first round, Ki-Bin was caught off guard and allowed a single shot.

His rematch first round opponent is China’s Vaterborati. After competing at welterweight and middleweight, he recently dropped down to lightweight.

Early action is key, and Ki-Bin Kim is a former lightweight champion of the Korean and Japanese mixed martial arts organizations. He’s a hard-hitting striker with 11 of his 17 wins coming by way of knockout (TKO).

Vatterborati, 25, is also 7-1 with one draw, but doesn’t seem to be a fighter that Ki-bin should be too afraid of.

“Through Korea Zombie MMA, I’ve made up a lot of my grappling and striking deficiencies. As I was learning, I realized ‘why Chung is Chansung’. I feel like I filled in the gaps.”

Choi and Ki-Bin will compete on Season 2 of “Road To UFC” on Nov. 27 and 28 in Shanghai, China. They join a total of seven fighters competing in the tournament this season.먹튀검증

The flyweights are Choi Seung Kook (26. 6-2) and Lee Jung Hyun (20. 8-0), the bantamweights are Lee Chang Ho (28. 7-1), Kim Sang Won (30. 9-1-5), and the lightweights are Kim Ki Bin (32. 17-8), Kim Sang Wook (29. 7-1) and Hong Sung Chan (32. 9-1).

The non-tournament will feature welterweights Kim Hansul (32. 13-4) and Yoo Sang Hoon (33. 7-2).

TVING and tvN Sports will broadcast the event live from 7 p.m. on the 27th and 28th.

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