Lee Jae-sung is showing excellent scoring ability in the second half of the German Bundesliga, which resumed after the ‘2022 Qatar World Cup’. On the 12th (Korean time), he scored his 5th goal of the season.

With the 2022-2023 German Bundesliga match in progress at the Meva Arena in Mainz, Germany, Lee Jae-seong scored the opening goal for Mainz in the 21st minute of the first half. Lee Jae-sung, who started as an attacking midfielder, scored with the help of striker Ludovic Azorc, who was recruited in the winter transfer market. 슬롯사이트

It was a goal made by Lee Jae-sung. Lee Jae-sung took the ball directly with forward pressure, passed the goalkeeper, and passed it to Azorque. Azorque couldn’t solve it directly in front of the gate and the ball bounced, but Lee Jae-seong ran and finished it.

Lee Jae-seong recorded 5 goals and 1 assist for the season. He also shows excellent scoring ability, scoring 3 goals in the last 3 weeks while scoring 3 goals only in the second half.

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