Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) players have officially requested matters related to the WBC (World Baseball Classic). The key content is the postponement of the start of the regular season in the year the WBC is held.

According to major Japanese media reports such as ‘Kyodo News’ on the 26th, at the online meeting of the NPB Secretariat and the NPB Players Association, we had time to listen to the voices of players related to the WBC.

The NPB Athletes Association conveyed their intention, “If the next WBC tournament scheduled for three years is held, we hope to postpone the opening of the NPB regular season.”

The Japanese baseball team won the WBC in March. They played the quarterfinals at Tokyo Dome, Japan, and moved to Miami, USA, where they played the semifinals and finals. The Japanese national team players returned home on the 23rd after fighting hard in every game until the final match on March 22nd. And in a week, we prepared for the opening game of NPB. The earliest opening game was the Nippon Ham Fighters-Rakuten Golden Eagles game on March 30, 7 days later, and the other games were on March 31, 8 days later.먹튀검증

The NPB Athletes Association said, “I hope you will officially discuss the postponement of the opening day. Among the players who participated in the WBC this year, some players were canceled from the first team entry due to poor condition.” “I need more time to rest when I think about this trip. Of course, if you postpone the opening, there will be a problem of lengthening the spring camp period. In that case, wouldn’t it be better to postpone the start date of spring camp for about a week?”

The next WBC will be held in 2026, three years later. The MLB Secretariat, which hosts the WBC, hopes to hold the next tournament in March as well. This is because after the season, the topic is relatively less topical, and it is because the competition must be held in March so that the heat of the tournament will lead to the major leagues.

The NPB players association also requested an advance in the selection of the WBC national team entry. The Athletes Association said, “Because pitchers have to adapt to the official ball, if the entry decision is delayed, additional time is needed to adjust to the NPB official ball again. This year, the final entry was confirmed on January 26, but if possible, I want you to make an announcement.”

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