Samsung Lions first baseman Oh Jae-il will serve as captain for two consecutive seasons.

On the 31st, Samsung officially announced that Oh Jae-il and Song Jun-seok would lead the team for two consecutive seasons as captains of the 1st team and Song Joon-seok of the 2nd team.

At the beginning of last season, Kim Heon-gon took the captaincy. As Samsung went down to the 2nd team due to sluggish performance, Jose Pirella, a foreign hitter, took over as temporary captain for a while. Later, after the middle of the season, Oh Jae-il took over as the team captain and fulfilled his responsibility in the Park Jin-man acting system.

Oh Jae-il, who wore a Samsung uniform as a free agent in 2021, has played a central role in the Samsung batting line, recording more than 20 home runs and 90 RBIs for two consecutive years. This year, the possibility is being raised about the participation of additional national teams in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). 먹튀검증

In the Futures League, Song Jun-seok will serve as captain this year as well as last year.

Samsung also confirmed and announced the squad numbers that day.

First, as Kim Sang-soo left through free agent contract with KT Wiz, Lee Jae-hyun took over the remaining 7. The uniform number 7 has been used by top shortstops in the league, including former coach Kim Jae-bak and Samsung coach Park Jin-man, who have inherited the lineage of national shortstops.

As Lee Jae-hyeon changed his number, Shin Yun-ho, a rookie pitcher who graduated from Jangchung High School, received the remaining number 15. Shin Yun-ho and his motive, rookie Lee Ho-seong, number 55, Park Kwon-hoo number 69, Seo Hyun-won number 28, and Kim Jae-sang number 0.

Also, infielder Kim Dong-jin changed his number from 24 to 3, Gong Min-gyu changed his number from 56 to 9, and outfielder Kim Dong-yeop and pitchers Choi Ha-neul and Kim Seo-jun also changed their numbers from 27, 53, and 60 to 38, 19, and 53, respectively. number has been replaced.

Coach Park chose the number 70 that former coach Kim Jae-bak, his first professional coach, used during the Hyundai Unicorns days, and new head coach Lee Byeong-gyu wears the number 79 that coach Park used.

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