“The former Hanshin closer’s foolish behavior made waves.” Oh Seung-hwan (Samsung), who threw a ball into the outfield while walking off the mound, has been featured in the Japanese media.

On the afternoon of the 20th, Japanese media outlet Kokokara reported, “The Korean pitching giant, who has played in the United States and Japan in the past, made waves with his unexpected behavior. The controversial pitcher is Oh Seung-hwan, the closing pitcher of the prestigious Samsung Lions,” and introduced the incident that occurred in the KT game on the 17th.먹튀검증

“In the eighth inning, with his team leading by two runs, Oh walked the leadoff batter and gave up a double to the next batter. He was replaced with runners on first and third after another bunt,” explaining the circumstances that led to his removal.

“This is where the 41-year-old veteran showed his emotions. It’s unclear whether he was frustrated with himself for not being able to stop it or with the manager for sending him down after seven pitches. Regardless, Oh threw the ball into the left field seats. After entering the dugout, he threw down his glove and exploded in anger,” the report said.

Kokokara said, “(Oh Seung-hwan) is a hard-throwing pitcher who recorded 80 saves in Hanshin for two years from 2014 and played in the major leagues from 2016. He was nicknamed ‘Dolbuchu’ because he never showed his emotions in any situation, which is why his behavior caused a ripple.”

Since Oh was known in Japan as “Dolbuchu,” his unusual behavior was bound to become a hot topic. More than 100 comments were posted. “Isn’t it the team’s situation that a 41-year-old pitcher is still in charge of closing? I’m not a player who throws fastballs like Hanshin, but I’m a player who overcomes with skill and experience,” said one commenter.

Others cheered for Oh’s record, remembering his Hanshin days. A Japanese baseball fan encouraged him, saying, “I hope you can achieve 500 saves and walk in the sun.”

On the other hand, Park Jin-man dismissed Oh Seung-hwan from the first team on the 18th and said, “I had a personal meeting with Oh Seung-hwan. The team atmosphere is a little down. The players are young and younger. In that regard, he should have thought twice (as a senior player), but the player himself said, ‘Suddenly, such a situation occurred and I did such an action without realizing it.’ I should have thought twice about it, and I hope the player will take that into consideration.”

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