Oh Won-seok (22, SSG Landers), the “successor of Kim Gwang-hyun,” dreams of growing into a pitcher who has advanced to the next level. He is refining his breaking ball and holding power at the field training ground.

Last year, he cannot leave out the performance of the pitching staff in SSG Landers’ wire-to-wire championship. Lefty Oh Won-seok was one of them. Oh Won-seok threw 144 innings last year and filled the regular innings. He made five starts early in the season and threw out of the bullpen in the second half. He posted a much better performance (6-8, 4.50 ERA) than his second year (7-6, 2 holds, 5.89 ERA).

He also pitched impressively in the postseason. In the 3rd game of the Korean Series against Kiwoom, he started and pitched 5 and 2/3 innings, giving up 1 run, helping to lead with 2 wins and 1 loss. Oh Won-seok, who wore the first championship ring in his life, said, “I felt it when I received the winning bonus. At first, I thought, ‘What is this?’. I gave it to my parents and saved the rest. I didn’t buy it.” He smiled.

Oh Won-seok’s role model is franchise star Kim Gwang-hyeon. After joining in 2020, Kim Gwang-hyun moved to the Major League St. Louis Cardinals and had few opportunities to meet, but he learned a lot when he returned last year. He talked often enough to hear the phrase ‘Kim Gwang-hyun’s gum ticket’, and learned know-how on game management and body care. Kim Gwang-hyun boasted of his junior’s growth, saying, “Oh Won-seok will do well. Let’s see.”

Oh Won-seok’s catch-up with Kim Gwang-hyeon continued this winter as well. Prior to the Vero Beach field training in the U.S., I had individual training together with Kim Gwang-hyun in Okinawa, Japan in January. It may be a burden, but he is taking one step closer to his goal of becoming the ‘second Kim Gwang-hyun’. Oh Won-seok laughed and said, “Kwang-hyun Kim, whom I trained with in Japan, encouraged me a lot, saying that I would do better this year.” Oh Won-seok is in good physical condition, recording 144 km/h in his first bullpen pitching.

To Oh Won-seok, Vero Beach is an unfamiliar place. He has been here since he was a rookie, but he found this place after 3 years due to Corona 19. But he doesn’t even have time to be awkward. SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Only we can use this facility, and it is an environment where we can train until 9:00 pm, so young players practice a lot autonomously.” Oh Won-seok is one of them. 메이저사이트

Oh Won-seok said, “I’m gradually increasing the number of pitches. The weather is warm, so it’s good for exercising. Although it’s a long distance, the baseball field is well-equipped. Most of my break time is in my room. I’m roommates with senior Kim Gwang-hyun, so I take a nap or eat out.” I have time to recharge,” he laughed.

He also set clear goals. It’s a slow quick motion complement. Oh Won-seok is a left-handed three-quarter type who is good at keeping the first base runner in check, but he is not the type to tie well. This is because he throws a crossfire that passes home plate diagonally and puts a strike, which consumes a lot of his stamina and moves a lot. Last year he allowed a whopping 23 stolen bases, which put him third.

Oh Won-seok explained, “Checking and quick motion should be a little faster. He tried to throw the ball quickly, but the motion got bigger and the opponent read the number. I try to compensate for this.” Oh Won-seok, who throws a fast ball in the late 140 km/h range, a slider, and a changeup, also has the idea of ​​strengthening his breaking ball.

A person who knows Oh Won-seok better than anyone else joined the team. Kim Seong-yong, a teacher at Yatap High School, is the new leader. Oh Won-seok said, “I remember that the general manager was a leader who studied while coaching, and he made the players comfortable. Although we didn’t talk a lot, he also advised us to take good care of our bodies.”

Oh Won-seok’s goal is clear. It was his first double-digit victory in his debut, and the national team. Oh Won-seok, who is competing for selection, said, “First of all, I am preparing like a starter so that I can play both the starter and the bullpen like last year. My goal is to win more than 10 wins. I will try to prepare to complete the season without injury.” I want to wear it. I will become a pitcher who can be selected for the Hangzhou Asian Games.”

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