Injury variables can’t diminish the value of Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels). He’s still the No. 1 prospective free agent. published a list of the top 10 prospective free agents on Tuesday, as ranked by reporter Mark Paynesand. At the top of the list is Ohtani, who went 10-5 with a 3.14 ERA in 23 starts this season as a pitcher and batted .304 with 44 home runs, 92 RBIs and 100 runs scored in 131 games. He currently leads Major League Baseball (MLB) in home runs in both leagues.

Ohtani has recently been sidelined with an elbow injury. It has been suggested that he may need to undergo ligament splicing surgery on his right elbow.

Paintsand, who had already written about Ohtani’s market value in his article, stating that “the upcoming Stovrig is likely to be headlined by one player,” concluded, “Even with an injury that could require surgery, Ohtani is still the most valuable prospective free agent. We don’t know when he’ll be able to return as a pitcher, but based on his offense alone, he’s a player who could command a 10-year, $400 million contract.”

As a point of comparison, Fainsand cited the $360 million deal that Aaron Judge signed with the New York Yankees when he became a free agent after leading the league in home runs last season with 62, suggesting that the younger Ohtani is likely to be more valuable.토스카지노

In terms of contract size, injuries could be a factor. Initially, local media and baseball fans believed that Ohtani, who is a top-notch pitcher and hitter, could be the centerpiece of a deal totaling more than $600 million. “I think he could return to pitching in the 2025 season, but it’s likely to be less than the projected value measured in the absence of injuries,” said Fainsand. Still, it’s likely to be over $500 million.”

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