“I thought I was getting nervous because I was greedy. I think I got better results because I just went into the game with the mindset of showing my potential.

” They ended their three-game losing streak by winning 3-2 (25-17, 29-31, 23-25, 25-19, 15-10).

Kwon Min-ji scored 18 points (attack success rate 45.95%) and led the team to victory. He showed a good performance by setting a new record for the most points scored in his personal career. In an interview after the match, he said, “I am happy to break the losing streak today. It was difficult going up to the 5th set, but I won more pleasantly.”

Kwon Min-ji, who has been showing good performance recently, said, “I think I was greedy. As he performed poorly in the 4th round, he practiced a lot and thought a lot by himself. So I thought that I was greedy and nervous. I think I got better results because I entered the game with the mindset of just showing my potential.”

Kwon Min-ji, who is playing close to the start of this season, said, “There is a different burden between entering as a substitute and starting. I think I can go forward steadily by overcoming this and making it my own. There are unnies who are not feeling well, so I go in. I am trying my best not to be as different from my sisters as possible and doing my best to consistently show a good image.” 메이저사이트

Coach Sang-Hyun Cha praised Min-Ji Kwon’s offensive power that day, saying that it was as good as So-Hwi Kang. Regarding this, Kwon Min-ji said, “I think you gave me a really big compliment. Thank. In the future, I want to contribute to the team with an offensive power comparable to that of (Kang) Sohwi.” He then revealed his goal for the remaining five games, saying, “The goal is to show that our team is doing their best without anyone getting hurt anymore.” 

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