Could the Pittsburgh Pirates, the team belonging to Choi Ji-man and Bae Ji-hwan, be encouraged by the good results? Signed a big contract with Brian Reynolds. It is the highest in club history.

On the 26th (Korean time),, which delivers news on the American professional baseball Major League (MLB), reported that it had signed a contract with outfield resource Reynolds for 8 years and 106.75 million dollars (143.3 billion won). An official announcement from the Pittsburgh team will come after a medical on Reynolds.

Recently, Pittsburgh’s ‘tongkeun’ move is noticeable. In April of last year, Pittsburgh signed Brian Hayes for 8 years and 70 million dollars (93.9 billion won). At the time, the terms of Hayes’ contract were also the highest in the club’s history.

The highest contract before Hayes was Jason Kendall’s six-year, $60 million (80.5 billion won) contract, which was in 2000. Pittsburgh broke the record for the highest contract in 22 years when he signed Hayes, but broke the record again less than a year later.

Recently, he also signed an extension with manager Derek Shelton. Although the length of his contract and his annual salary were not disclosed, he quickly decided to extend his contract as the team showed an upward trend at the beginning of this season.

In this situation, Pittsburgh couldn’t help but catch Reynolds.

In fact, it is known that Reynolds requested a trade at the winter meeting after the season last year. Reynolds, who has played only in Pittsburgh since his MLB debut and was even selected as an All-Star last year, is a player who is unparalleled as a next-generation star. The tug of war between the Pittsburgh team and Reynolds in negotiations continued until spring camp.먹튀검증

In the end, Pittsburgh gave Reynolds a special contract. First of all, this year’s annual salary is 6.75 million dollars (9.1 billion won). A seven-year, $100 million extension was added to this. Starting with receiving 10 million dollars (13.4 billion won) next year, the annual salary will increase by 2 million dollars (2.7 billion won) by 2026. From 2027 to 2030, it will receive 15 million dollars (20.1 billion won).

Even after the contract extension ends, the club option remains. In 2031, the Pittsburgh club can exercise a buyout that gives Reynolds $2 million or a contract for an annual salary of $20 million (26.8 billion won). If Pittsburgh uses the option to renew the contract in 2031, the total will increase to $124.75 million (167.4 billion won).

It also included a no-trade clause for six teams and a $2 million signing bonus.

This season, Reynolds has been playing well enough to land such a contract. In the 22 games he played until the 25th, he hit 5 home runs and his batting average was good at 0.294. The on-base percentage is 0.319, which is not very high compared to the batting average, but the slugging percentage is 0.553, so the OPS reaches 0.872. He is already leading the Pittsburgh trend by posting 18 RBIs.

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