Pohang, the K-League 1 (One) team, has declared its goal of winning the league, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Coach Kim Ki-dong, who has produced good results every year despite losing key players, emphasized Pohang’s ‘one team’.

This is reporter Cho Seong-heum.


Pohang Steelers players train hard despite inclement weather with strong winds and rain.

Head coach Kim Ki-dong, who has been leading the team for the fourth year, carefully checks the players to create a new game.

This is because the departure of key players, which has continued like an annual event, also occurred this year.

In particular, midfielder Shin Jin-ho, who played an MVP-level performance last season, suddenly left for Incheon, and his foot was on fire.

It is natural for players to transfer ahead of the new season.

However, there is no sadness in the heart.

<Kim Ki-dong / Manager of Pohang Steelers> “They motivate me by saying that they will let me go whenever I become a bigger player… When I leave there is no sympathy or talk, there is a very sad side.”

Coach Ki-dong Kim, who faces a crisis every year but has achieved good results.

Based on his organizational skills, which is the secret, he was confident of good results this year as well.

<Kim Ki-dong / Pohang Steelers coach> “I’m not the type to always focus on a specific player and unravel the game. I pursue soccer as a team as a whole…”

The goal of Pohang, which runs the league, FA Cup, and Asian Champions League, is definitely to win the league. 메이저사이트

The players sweating in the field training are also determined to give coach Kim the gift of ‘winning’.

<Kim Seung-dae / Captain of Pohang Steelers> “Pohang has been good at catching teams like Ulsan and Jeonbuk fighting for the ranks, and if Pohang can win more points when playing against mid- and lower-ranking teams…”

Pohang, which is aiming to win the league, is determined to be reborn as an original team before the start of this season.

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