The timing of Lee’s arrival is still up in the air. Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) are understood to have made an offer.

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, held its final training session at the Paju National Football Center (NFC) on Thursday before departing for Hangzhou. The team will depart for Hangzhou on the 16th via Incheon International Airport.

It will be their third consecutive gold medal. The South Korean won gold at both the 2014 Incheon and 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. Hwang will open the tournament against Kuwait on Sept. 19, followed by three group games against Thailand on Sept. 21 and Bahrain on Sept. 24.

However, the team is still not at 100% strength. This is due to the absence of Lee Kang-in. Earlier, Hwang had already said, “The PSG transfer happened so quickly that we have to coordinate. We have to coordinate because (Lee) is very determined and we are still working together. I’m very positive and looking forward to it,” but he was unable to give any specifics on the loan situation.

“I don’t want to give anything away, but I can confirm that at the time of signing with PSG, there was positive communication (about the loan). But there’s nothing in writing, so it’s hard to say yes or no here. As I said, we are thinking positively, and Lee Kang-in himself is very determined to play in the Asian Games.”

On May 5, Hwang Sun-hong said that he would receive a final call from PSG on the 13th. Even if PSG does allow Lee to play, it’s a matter of timing. PSG hosts Nice on Saturday in the fifth round of the 2023-24 Ligue 1 season. If he is released after that game, there will be three days before the first match. That’s a short time to get up to speed with the players and to get Lee fit. Hwang Sun-hong will have to come up with different plans for when Lee will join the team.

Thirteen days have passed. But even Hwang still doesn’t know exactly when Lee will join the team. In an interview at Paju NFC on the 14th, Hwang Sun-hong said, “I’m also frustrated. I am personally communicating with Lee Kang-in. He wants to join as soon as possible. However, the timing of joining PSG is not coordinated. The federation is in close communication with PSG. We hope that the timing will be decided soon so that he can focus on the team.”

There has been no official response. “I haven’t received an official answer yet on when they will let me join the team. I’m frustrated about that. We decided to contact him on the 13th to see if his injury is fully recovered, but so far there is no official answer.”

Lee is likely to be available for the Hangzhou Asian Games as well as the upcoming 2023 AFC Asian Cup in Qatar in January. For PSG, this is the second time they’ve had to let him go in one season.

In response, PSG have reportedly set conditions on when Lee will join the club. Hwang Sun-hong said, “I want him to come in before one or two group games, but I don’t think that’s possible. I think PSG is putting a lot of conditions. I hope we can reach an agreement on that and I can join the team soon,” he said.

However, it is an issue that needs to be communicated with coach Jürgen Klinsmann. “I think PSG is trying to push a lot of things to their advantage,” Hwang said. I think there needs to be a lot of coordination,” he said, adding, “There’s nothing I can do about it, even if Klinsmann comes to see us. We have to leave immediately. We need to discuss it within the association,” he sighed.소닉카지노

In the end, Hwang has to come up with a plan without his signature ace. “It would be good to play one or two games in the qualifiers and go to the round of 16 tournament, but if I join after that, there are many situations. I need to be part of the team so I can make different plans. I’m frustrated about that,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lee suffered an injury to his left quadriceps on March 23 and has been recovering for some time. Lee missed the Ligue 1 third and fourth round matches against RC Reims and Olympique Lyonnais, and was also left out of Jürgen Klinsmann’s Korea squad for the September A match.

After a lengthy rehabilitation, he is set to return to action. PSG shared a video of the squad training on its official social media accounts on Wednesday. Lee Kang-in was included in the video to prepare for the upcoming match. Lee has been focusing on individual training and rehabilitation for some time after his injury, so it’s a positive that he was able to train with his teammates for the first time.

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