The Samsung Lions are preparing for a counterattack in June. 

This is because injured players such as Kim Jae-seong (catcher) and Kim Hyeon-joon (outfielder) return, and Sangmu players such as Choi Chae-heung, Choi Ji-kwang (Lee Sang-sang pitcher), and Kim Do-hwan (catcher) join the team after being discharged from the military to strengthen their strength. 

Samsung suffered from a series of injuries this season. Manager Park Jin-man said, “It is regrettable that each player gets a serious injury every time we play. He expressed regret, saying, “I missed too much from the pre-season conception.” It was truly a holding mode. 

Some of the players who were out of power are showing signs of rapid recovery and are taking a step towards returning to the first team. Kim Jae-seong and Kim Hyeon-joon will likely be seen on the stage of the first team in June. 

Kim Hyun-joon, who underwent surgery to remove the chamfer bone in his right hand, is in the stage of digesting light tee batting and defense and running training normally. Kim Jae-seong, who suffered a right side injury, is in a state of technical training. 

Director Park Jin-man said, “I cannot judge exactly when he will return, but he is expected to return in early June. He predicted that if the recovery speed is fast, it will be possible at the end of May.” 먹튀검증

He continued, “There are players who were injured before the season, and there are players who were injured after the opening. Currently, the rest of the players are doing well in difficult situations. In addition, a sense of stability was created in the starting lineup, and a situation was created in which they could compete for the middle ranks.” 

Coach Park Jin-man also said, “When the injured players return, they will have 80-90% of their strength, even if not fully. If that happens, I have expectations that I can show a higher level of baseball.” 

The return of Sangmu players is good news. If Choi Chae-heung, left-hander with 10 wins, and Choi Ji-gwang, right-hander who achieved double-digit holds for three consecutive years, join the pitching staff, the pitching staff will become more solid. After enlisting, it was evaluated that his performance improved even more as he worked hard to build his body at Sangmu. 

Manager Park Jin-man said, “When Choi Chae-heung came to the baseball field not too long ago to say hello, he said, ‘Make sure you have a good body so that you can do it right after you are discharged. He added, 

“Since there is no player confirmed as the 5th starter at the moment, I will definitely use it as a starter if I feel better. 

” If so, we expect that the fight in the second half will be much easier.,Kim Do-hwan, who played an active role as Kang Min-ho’s backup catcher before enlisting, is also a resource that can be used on the stage of the first team.

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