Was Ryu’s return a mirage?

The Toronto Blue Jays are falling apart. They’ve suffered a shocking losing streak. They’ve blown too many important games.

Toronto lost the final game of a four-game series against the Texas Rangers 2-9 on Friday (ET) at Rogers Centre in Canada. A shocking four-game midweek sweep.

Toronto and Texas are locked in a tight wild-card race. Toronto was the favorite heading into this game. Ryu Hyun-jin was back from elbow surgery and on a roll. With five wins in six games pitched by Ryu since his return, Toronto has jumped from fourth to second in the wild card race.

A sweep of the four-game series against Texas would have been enough to turn things around. But no. They lost all four games. Down to fourth place. They’re now 2.5 games back of second-place Texas. The third-place Seattle Mariners, the final wild-card spot, are 1.5 games back. With 15 games left, it’s not impossible to make a comeback, but the team has completely lost its mojo. Losing back-to-back games is bad enough, but they did it at home.

Coincidentally, Toronto has been struggling since Ryu Hyun-jin lost his second straight game. Ryu took the loss against the lowly Oakland Athletics on July 7. He pitched five innings of two-run ball, but couldn’t get any offense going. The unexpected loss in Oakland, which was supposed to be a no-brainer, set a bad tone.

On the 13th, Ryu was one of the culprits in the losing streak with a loss to Texas. He didn’t pitch badly again. Six innings and three runs, his first quality start of the season. But once again, the offense struggled against Max Scherzer.토토사이트

In sports, the process is important, but it’s the result that counts. In any case, Ryu took the loss. This is not the time for complacency, as he hasn’t pitched badly since returning from injury. It’s been a shocking four-game losing streak with every game being a clinching situation, and we’ll see how Toronto can turn it around.

It’s very important for Ryu to make it to fall ball. Depending on how well Toronto performs or doesn’t perform, it could completely change the landscape of his new contract. If he performs well in the Fall League, his price tag could increase.

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