Shin Jun-woo started playing basketball in the Seoul Samsung Youth Hobby Class when he was in the third grade of elementary school. He soon rose to prominence and moved on to his national team.
He realized the importance of his defense even at a young age. Shin Jun-woo said, “You have to take possession at least once more to increase your chances of attack. So I worked hard on defense.”
Meanwhile, Shin Jun-woo grew up enjoying various sports. Among them, he liked the most, and the sport he was good at was basketball. “Because it fits better than other sports and it’s more fun,” he smiles.
He said that during the summer vacation of 2023, he would visit LA to watch an NBA game. “Looking at the NBA, he wants to learn more about basketball,” he said. It was impressive to see him constantly working to improve his skills.

How have you been lately?
He went on to Apgujeong Middle School. I haven’t been able to compete in many competitions, but I’m constantly practicing with the Samsung Youth Team.

How did you start playing basketball?
It started during the winter vacation of the 3rd year of elementary school. I joined the Seoul Samsung national team and have been doing it until now. Originally, I belonged to the hobby class, but I did well among the hobby class players. He was active in both defense and attack, so I think he was able to get into the national team right away. 안전놀이터

After moving to the national team, did you have any difficulties adjusting?
It wasn’t easy. He didn’t do as well as the original national team players at first.

What is Shin Jun-woo’s play style?
He dribbles directly to the half line. He enjoys dribbling and shooting. He tends to finish with layups in 1v1 situations. He plays as hard on defense as he does on offense.

Were you satisfied with your performance this season?
Unfortunately, I only entered one competition. It was a tournament held in Hoengseong. I met a lot of strong teams, and the results were not good. We didn’t practice much, and we lacked unity. So I think it’s still not enough.

How were your personal grades?
My personal grades were also disappointing. Perhaps it was because it had been a long time since I participated in a tournament, so I couldn’t show 100% of my skills. Among the players on our team, we have scored a lot, but we are not satisfied.

What did you particularly regret?
The coach wanted to create a clear opportunity for the center during practice. He ordered a 2v2 attack utilizing the screen. But it wasn’t perfect due to lack of practice. I was sorry about that. Also, team cohesion was lacking. The success rate of Yatoo has also dropped a lot. Still, it was a fun memory.

What are Shin Jun-woo’s strengths and weaknesses?
Always doing your best is an advantage. He has good situational judgment and a wide field of view. I played a lot of soccer when I was young, so I think my horizons naturally broadened.
Also, both offense and defense work hard. You have to take possession at least once more to increase your chances of attack. I think that’s why I defended harder.
But breaking through is a downside. It is possible to get past the opposing guard, but it is blocked by the center at the bottom of the goal. It’s because I’m physically weak.

I’m curious about your role model.
Hoon Heo (Army Sports Corps) and Stephen Curry (NBA Golden State Warriors) are my role models. First of all, Heo Hoon is a fast and decisive player. He’s the best at KBL. He has good situational judgment, and makes it difficult for opponents with sudden breakthroughs or movements.
Stephen Curry is a great player. He feels comfortable playing basketball. Even if he seems to be shooting loose, he goes all in. He also likes a flashy dribble.
Both players are impressive with their dribbling skills and jumpers. I want to learn Curry’s fast shot release and Heo Hoon’s textbook shooting form.

What is basketball to Shin Jun-woo?
Basketball is an important sport that relieves stress and always entertains me. I used to enjoy various sports, but now I only play basketball. It fits better than other sports, and it’s more fun.

I am also curious about your future goals.
First, I will play basketball hard. I want to develop further than now. I plan to go to LA during summer vacation. I’m trying to learn by watching the NBA. I am thinking of going to study abroad in the future. My hope for the future is architecture. I want to continue playing basketball as a hobby.

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