Hanwha Eagles’ Jung Woo-ram expressed his regret at letting former manager Carlos Subero go.

Hanwha appointed Futures coach Choi Won-ho as the 13th head coach after finishing the game against Samsung in Daejeon with a 4-0 victory on the 11th. Former coach Subero, who took the baton of Hanwha from 2021, had his contract terminated. Former coach Subero was notified of his resignation after the game on the 11th, and will leave Korea on the 13th.

Jung Woo-ram is Hanwha’s best player and is also the captain appointed directly by coach Subero ahead of this season. He has sent many managers away during his career as a player, but it is the first time as captain to settle the atmosphere of a team where a manager has been replaced. That’s how special it is to Jung Woo-ram.

Jung Woo-ram, who we met before the game on the 12th, said, “Yesterday, I was a bit surprised. I was like, ‘What is it?’. Even when I personally greeted the coach, the atmosphere was not good. It was heavy because the players also had a sense of responsibility,” he said.

He continued, “After waking up after a day and going to the baseball field, I think that what we have to do here is to win. I talked to the players for a while, but it’s something that the seniors have experienced a lot, but the young players can’t help but be shaken. You have to do well individually. They said that they would be proud to meet again, so let’s focus on baseball.”먹튀검증

Jung Woo-ram said, “The coach was sorry. He wanted the team to do better and was doing well. So he seemed to be in a bit of a shock. It was the team’s decision, so it couldn’t be helped. He said, ‘Please do it’. I also said, ‘I’m sorry that we couldn’t achieve the goals we talked about during the camp until the end of the season.'”

Lastly, Jung Woo-ram said, “It’s been 2 years as a captain and 1 year as a captain, but the feeling is different between Choi and captain. When I wore the armband of captain, I felt the difficulties of the director at the top anyway, and the unspeakable stress. I also felt that it was difficult to be in charge of something since April. I thought that I should control your words and actions well.”

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