The Pittsburgh Pirates have lost starting shortstop O’Neal Cruz. In the process, intense bench clearing also came out.

Pittsburgh won the final game of the series 1-0 against the Chicago White Sox held at PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA on the 10th (Korean time).

They won the game, but lost their starting shortstop, O’Neal Cruz. It was an attack in the bottom of the sixth. In 1st, 1st and 3rd base, when Kibrian Hayes grounded to 3rd base, Cruz, who was coming home, collided with opposing catcher Sevi Zavala while sliding from home. Cruz suffered a serious injury that fractured his left ankle.바카라

Later, with Cruz down, an altercation between Pittsburgh batter Carlos Santana and White Sox catcher Zavala led to a bench clearing.

The crash scene itself was something that could come out of baseball. Still, there was another reason why the Pittsburgh players were angry.

I was able to hear an explanation from Bae Ji-hwan, whom I met at the clubhouse after the game. According to him, Zavala and White Sox pitcher Michael Kopek kept yelling at Cruz as he fell.

Bae Ji-hwan couldn’t hide his anger, saying, “It seemed like they were taking their anger out on the unresolved game.”

Santana gave a similar explanation. He said, “It wasn’t even that Cruise hit it on purpose. It happened in an instant. He didn’t like it when the opposing catcher was yelling at Cruz for an injury,” he said, stepping out to protect his teammate.

Pittsburgh starting pitcher Johann Oviedo said, “We kept telling him, ‘Calm down, mate. People are down,’ he said. I hope that one day he will learn,” he expressed his regret for the opposing catcher.

Andrew McCutchen, who was watching this scene in the dugout, said, “There was a scene where someone was injured and was collapsing and pushing. It must be a scene you don’t want to see,” he frowned.

In an interview with the Chicago Press, Zavala said, “It was a scene that could come out of baseball. I didn’t like the opponent’s sliding, and neither I nor the opponent liked what each other said,” he said, saying it was a collision that could happen in baseball. He, who had not heard of Cruise’s ankle fracture, said, “I will forget everything in a day or two.”

As a result, this scene ignited the Pittsburgh players’ fighting spirit, leading to a 1-0 victory. “It’s thanks to Cruz that we won today,” said starter Oviedo, which motivated everyone.

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