The great leap forward of the two championship candidates, KBL is completely changing the game.

It’s not fun to watch if sports flow in one direction too much. Scenarios that break expectations, and interest arises only when a reversal takes place. KBL is like that this season. The roller coaster of the two teams, Seoul SK and Suwon KT, is swirling.

SK and KT won side by side in the Jeonju KCC and Anyang KGC matches held on the 5th. Both teams are on the rise. SK succeeded in winning 4 in a row, and KT succeeded in winning 6 in a row. SK has recorded only 2 losses in the last 10 games. KT looks even more amazing as a team that used to win 7-15 suddenly has 6 wins in a row. 토토사이트

SK became 17-12 and jumped to 3rd place. There is only a 3-game gap with leader Anyang KGC. KT captured the first place KGC and laid the foundation for a 7-game winning streak. KCC and Goyang Carrot, tied for 5th place, were pursued by the radius train. The mid-level entry is right in front of you.

In fact, the two teams were considered the strongest candidates for the championship before the opening. SK is the defending champion who won the unified championship last season. KT was the 2nd place team in the regular league. They were the teams that received the most nominations for the championship at Media Day.

But what is this? After the opening, it fell into the bottom ranks. There was a reason. SK was unable to fill the gap between main guns Choi Jun-yong and Ahn Young-jun. Last season’s MVP Choi Jun-yong was out due to an injury, which was painful. KT also had a problem with the vacancy caused by Heo Hoon’s enlistment as managing director, but new foreign players could not hold the center. As the losing game continued, the confidence of domestic players fell to the bottom.

However, since the cause of the problem has been resolved, their basketball is coming out late. SK became a completely different team after Choi Jun-yong joined. Choi Jun-yong boasts even more accurate 3-pointers this season and has been upgraded to a more difficult player to block. The addition of Choi Seong-won, who returned after being discharged from the military, is also important. Outer ball-defense texture is much better.

KT made a strong effort to replace all two foreign players, and this was a great success. The appearance of Jarod Jones, who has good scoring ability and clever play, is a big strength. It seems that all domestic players are alive. It’s unfortunate that it’s proven again that it’s a KBL version that is dominated by foreign players, but from KT’s point of view, it’s like a treasure.

Looking at the power of both teams, the composition of players, and recent momentum, it seems highly likely that the current uptrend will continue unless there are injuries to key players. SK is likely to join the fight for the lead, and KT also seems to be a matter of time before it reaches the semifinals. The existing top teams are bound to tremble.

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