“It’s true that we’re still friends, but the camaraderie is gone.”

Ernie Els (54), the symbol of golf in South Africa, expressed regret for his juniors who left for LIV Golf, founded by Saudi capital.

Former world No. 1 Ernie Els, who won 19 wins on the PGA Tour (4 majors) and 28 wins on the European Professional Golf Tour (six overlapping wins) and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame, last week held a tournament in Naples, Florida, USA. After participating in the PGA Tour Champions Chuve Classic, in an interview, he expressed his thoughts on LIV golf and his feelings about juniors who transferred to LIV, such as Schwarzl (37), Louis Oostizen (41), and Brandon Grace (35). poured out

“I’m disappointed they didn’t ask for a word of advice from me when they left for LIV,” Els said. “They were sponsored by my foundation in South Africa. I supported them from their junior days and had them stay at my house when they moved to America together. In other words, it raised him to grow on the PGA Tour.”

‘Big Easy’ Ernie Els, who was active at the same time as Tiger Woods (47, USA), the emperor of golf, and rose to the top of the world rankings, is proud that he has become a mentor for many juniors in his country to build and grow as professional players.

But when South African players moved to LIV Golf, they didn’t ask Els for any advice. “I watched almost everything they played on the PGA Tour, but I haven’t seen one since I left for LIV,” said Els, who was saddened that “things had gone the way I didn’t want to.”

Still, Els said he understands why his juniors left for LIV Golf to pursue money. Schwarzl earned more than $8 million last year, including winning the opening round of LIV Golf, while Oostizen took in about $5.4 million. Grace, who earned $12.3 million in 14 years on the PGA Tour, won $17 million in six months, including winning the first LIV golf tournament in the United States.

“As a South African professional golfer, it’s very difficult to compete on the PGA Tour and be loyal to your family,” said Els. “I can accept that, but I don’t.” Els now plays golf with Grace from time to time, but has no further contact with Schwarzl or Oostizen, saying he has “found peace with them.” 먹튀검증

“They really went the wrong way,” Els said of LIV Golf. It completely ruins the goodness of golf,” he criticized, saying, “It’s not entirely right.”

Els also disclosed that he had been contacted by LIV Golf last year. Els heard about the launch plan of LIV Golf at the time and expressed a negative opinion about organizing team events throughout the season. He suggested cooperation with the PGA Tour and the European Tour, but was ignored.

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