‘Speed ​​Racer’ Kim In-seong (34) is evaluated to have lost his strengths over the past two years. It was after he moved his nest from K League 1 Ulsan Hyundai to K League 2 (second division) Seoul E-Land.

Jeong Jeong-yong, former coach of Seoul E-Land, failed to adapt to the 3-5-2 tactic. His ability to use his quick feet to destroy the opponent’s flanks did not come to life at all. Former coach Jung used Kim In-seong as a shadow striker and midfielder instead of a winger. It is a player’s role to change clothes well at the coach’s order, but it was a difficult homework for Kim In-seong, who is weak in basic skills. Because of this, Kim In-seong only scored 5 goals and 2 assists in 34 games in the 2022 season. 메이저사이트

But he got a chance to resurrect in the first division again. Kim In-seong was called by coach Kim Ki-dong and moved to Pohang Steelers.

Kim In-seong is a resource to fill Pohang’s lacking parts. Ip Sang-hyeop, who was in charge of attacking the left flank, changed his uniform to FC Seoul. Along with Baek Sung-dong, who transferred from FC Anyang this winter, we need to fill the vacancy of the clinical consultation on the left and right sides.

Kim In-seong is expected to wear the best clothes in Pohang. Coach Kim prefers the 4-2-3-1 formation. With Jeka in his one-top position and Ko Young-jun in the offensive midfielder, Kim In-seong is expected to be able to revive his strengths that have cooled down on his right flank.

He is a high-paid player, but he cannot avoid competition for the starting position. Jung Jae-hee, who was recruited last season, has already delivered a strong impact. He recorded 7 goals-3 assists in 37 games.

However, from Shin Jin-ho’s point of view, the ‘commander of the midfield’, Kim In-seong is considered a resource that can add destructive power to the attack. If Kim In-seong shakes up the opponent’s defense and receives Shin Jin-ho’s accurate kick, he is expected to be able to increase his offensive points.

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