Lee Kang-cheol (57), who leads the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korean baseball team, has a headache. Video review is limited to just one time from the first round to the quarterfinals, and you must also prepare for the major league pitcher’s 3-batter compulsory opponent rule. 

The WBC Organizing Committee announced the rules and regulations for the 5th tournament in 2023 on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time). Compared to 2017, which was the previous tournament, the biggest change is the video review and the mandatory 3-hit opponent rule. 

In 2017, the referee had the right to request a video review, but this year is different. Instead of referees, only coaches were given the right to request. However, from the 1st round qualifiers to the quarterfinals, you can only request once per game. From the semifinals to the finals, it increases to 2 requests. 

In the KBO League, there are two video readings per team based on regular innings. If the referee’s decision is overturned twice, the club is given one more opportunity to request. In case of overtime, one more video review may be requested per team. 

Unlike the KBO league, which can request up to four times, including extensions, only one is possible for this WBC. As a result, the bench’s judgment on video reading became very important. You need to look at the situation and flow of the game and make an accurate judgment about an overturnable decision.  바카라

In 2017, there was no requirement for a pitcher to hit at least three batters. A rule introduced by the major leagues from 2020 for speedup, but not yet in the KBO league. Regardless of starter or rescue, a pitcher who has been on the mound once cannot be replaced until the inning is over or he has to face three batters unless he is injured. Since it is impossible to put one or two batters at a time, the game team must be more careful in changing pitchers. 

In 2017, the overtime game started with no 1st and 2nd bases from the 11th inning, but this time it was changed to no 2nd base from the 10th inning. The point is that it is 2nd base, not 1st or 2nd base. The sacrificial bunt is the standard in Musa 1st and 2nd base, but the cards that can be taken vary depending on the batting order in Musa 2nd base. It is important to use bench tactics such as the use of quick runners, sacrifice bunts, and defensive positions. 

The pitch limit rule, which has continued since the first tournament in 2006, is a trademark of the WBC. 4-day break for 50 or more pitches, 1-day break for 30 or more pitches, and 1-day break for pitches for 2 consecutive days. The maximum number of pitches per game is limited to 65 pitches in Round 1, 80 pitches in Quarterfinals, and 95 pitches in Semifinals and Finals. If the batter’s opponent exceeds the pitch limit, the number can be exceeded by that number of at-bats. Throughout the tournament, there are many things that the manager has to pay attention to when managing pitchers. 

In addition, in the first round, a cold game is established if there is a difference of 10 points or more in the 7th inning and 15 points or more in the 5th inning. In the event of a tie in the first round, the rankings are determined in the order of winner-to-win, least team run, least team earned run, highest team batting average, and draw.

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