Suwon Samsung players showed high satisfaction with coach Juninyo.

Suwon, which was pushed to the brink of relegation last season, is diligently carrying out winter training to avoid repeating its mistakes. Suwon, which trains in Jeju Island following Geoje Island, is known to train more systematically than in the past. In particular, he is definitely building his body through intense stamina and physical training. On the other hand, he seems to have used the poor performance and poor grades due to physical problems last year as a teacher.

Coach Lee Byeong-geun emphasized the importance of winter training at the 2023 K-League Field Training Media Camp held on the 27th. “Unlike last year, this year, I will be in command from winter training. This is a very important point. From winter training, we need to build physical strength and build organizational skills. ” said

Coach Juninho is clearly putting on his strength. Coach Juninyo has been a physical coach at Pohang Steelers for three years since 2019. When the contract with Pohang expired, Suwon brought him. Juninyo, who came to Suwon, improved the overall quality of training by introducing training periodization with coach Oh Jang and Yang Sang-min. He paid attention to each player and helped them reduce their weaknesses and maximize their abilities.

An official from Suwon said, “Coach Juninyo came and the players seem to be having more fun in training. When I was in Pohang, I was famous for clearly improving the players’ abilities, so I understand why it was well received. It was impressive to give purpose. Internally, one of the reasons for the sluggish season was poor winter training, but with Juninyo’s arrival, it seems that we are having better quality winter training.”

Suwon players spoke directly. Jeon Jin-woo said, “The entire training is detailed. The new coach, Juninyo, is really good at explaining it. He treats me like a family, not a coach-player relationship. Of course, training is difficult, but the details are so good that even that is good.”

He continued, “Last year, it was difficult as my stamina declined at the end. Coach Juninho also knew that. Coach Juninho told me to trust him and follow him, and I decided to trust him. I remembered the saying that he would make me better unconditionally. I gained confidence.” said. 안전놀이터

Vice-captain Koh Seung-beom also said, “Both the coach and the players are confident. I feel that I am very well prepared. I have done winter training several times, but this year is different. I feel that I am doing well. It seems that I have no choice but to gain confidence. Enemyally, I was very well prepared. There were no injuries. The tactical part is just starting, but I feel that it is being done well step by step. That’s why my confidence has grown,” he said, expressing his satisfaction with winter training.

Jeon Jin-woo, Ko Seung-beom, veterans Yeom Ki-hoon, Kim Bo-kyung, and Jung Seung-won all gave thumbs up for the contents of the winter training led by coach Juninyo. It remains to be seen whether Suwon, which is conducting winter training more successfully than ever before, can maintain its momentum and achieve good results this season.

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