Reporter Park Jae-ho = Cesar Hernandez (45), the coach of the Korean women’s national volleyball team, requested a helping hand for the earthquake damage in Turkey.

On the 11th, a New Year’s press conference was held by Cesar, the Korean women’s national volleyball team coach, at the Business Center of the Korea Comics Promotion Agency in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Coach Cesar, who also serves as a coach for the Turkish women’s professional volleyball team Vakifbank SK, visited Korea during a busy schedule. Due to the recent strong earthquakes in southeastern Turkey and northwestern Syria, the local situation has become even more hectic, and I arrived three days earlier than the original schedule. She returns to Turkey on the 12th after watching the V-League match and checking the condition of the players in Korea. 온라인카지노

On this day, Cesar explained the national team management plan and the criteria for selecting players for this year. Then, a question came out asking about the current damage situation in Turkiye. In response, director Cesar started by saying, “Thank you for asking me about the situation in Turkiye.”

“The situation in Turkey is really not good. Istanbul, where I am staying, is far from the epicenter of the earthquake, so it’s okay, but the situation is difficult for all Turkiye people,” he said. He continued, “The whole world is helping Turkiye. Kim Yeon-kyung from Spain and Korea also helped. Any little help is desperately needed. Please pray for the Turkish people.”

Earlier, on the 6th, director Cesar mourned the earthquake damage through his personal social network service (SNS). He posted a picture of a black ribbon and said, “Several cities have been damaged by the strong earthquake. We all pray and express our condolences for the victims and their families. Be strong.

As director Cesar mentioned, Kim Yeon-kyung also extended a helping hand. For Kim Yeon-kyung, who played in the Turkiye Pro League for 9 years, this damage came even more heartbreaking. After the earthquake on the 6th, he continues to post on his social media how to help Turkiye. Not only that, he also conducted a fundraising campaign by directly donating 10 million won on the 10th.

The whole world is also joining forces to help Türkiye. About 7,000 rescuers from 60 countries are dispatched to the site to search and rescue.

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