Reporter Cho Yong-woon = ‘Thank you, Director Park Hang-seo.’

This is the title selected by Vietnamese media ‘Lao Dong’ on the 14th. This is a message of thanks to coach Park Hang-seo, who played the last match in front of Vietnamese home fans.

On the 13th, coach Park Hang-seo played his last game in Vietnam. In the first leg of the 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Mitsubishi Electric Cup semi-finals, it drew 2-2 with Thailand.

It is a regrettable result. In this final, which is played home and away, the home game must be caught. And as Vietnam overcame the starting point with the first goal in the first half, a draw is an unfavorable result in recapturing the top spot.

Vietnam did not give up. At one point in the second half, they gave the lead to 1-2, but they scored an equalizer with a mid-range shot right before the end of the game, giving them hope for a come-from-behind victory in the enemy zone in the second game.

Vietnamese fans left their disappointment behind and said a hot farewell to coach Park Hang-seo. 40,000 home fans exchanged applause with coach Park Hang-seo, who was leaving Vietnam after the tournament. There were also placards saying “THANK YOU” throughout the audience. 안전놀이터

Laudung said, “Director Park Hang-seo made his debut as a Vietnamese coach on November 14, 2017. Five years ago, the place where coach Park Hang-seo started was the last match with Thailand.” “Director Park Hang-seo led Vietnam to success for 5 years. Vietnam It has advanced the image of soccer beyond Southeast Asia and into the final World Cup qualifiers.”

The media that expressed their gratitude said, “Coach Hang-seo Park changed the essential part whether he succeeded or lost in the second game against Thailand last time. Coach Hang-seo Park made the national team understand the desire to win.” “I didn’t do it, but the players and fans know how great and great a contribution he made. I’m grateful to coach Park Hang-seo, who is dedicated to the same style until the end.”

It’s not over yet. Head coach Park Hang-seo plans to finish with a win. “It is true that the 2-2 score is in favor of Thailand, but there is no reason to give up. If we win 1-0, we win. Why are you pessimistic?”

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