Kyung Hee University, which was sluggish at the beginning of the season, succeeded in reversing the atmosphere. At the center is Kim Soo-oh.

Kyunghee University won 96-58 against Chosun University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Namdaebu match held at the Chosun University Gymnasium on the 9th.

On this day, 5 players from Kyung Hee University scored double digits. Kim Soo-oh recorded 18 points, the highest score on the team. He grabbed 14 rebounds and kept the team under the goal.

Kyung Hee University led the atmosphere from the beginning of the game. Although the gap was narrowed to 4 points by allowing consecutive 3-pointers in the second 카지노사이트 half of the 1st quarter, the score gap was further widened through strong defense and outside scoring in the 2nd quarter. During that process, Suo Kim clearly played his part in defense. It wasn’t a lot of scoring. However, he added vitality to the team through accurate goal scoring. At the same time, he kept his foot firmly under the net. 

Kyung Hee University’s momentum continued. I had fun with the 3rd quarter area defense. Chosun University was tied at 10 points. Conversely, Kyung Hee University widened the score gap thanks to Kim Soo-oh’s performance. Suo Kim scored 10 points in the third quarter alone. As a result, Kyung Hee University finished the third quarter with a score of 73-40. Kyung Hee University, who kept the remaining time, won the game.

Kim Su-o, who led the team to a great victory, said, “It’s good to win today, but everyone’s teamwork worked well. I think that is better,” he said, expressing his feelings of victory.

The start of the season at Kyung Hee University was uneasy. It wasn’t the look that caused a sensation last season. However, he has been on the rise lately with two wins in a row. The season record was 4 wins and 5 losses.

In response, Kim Soo-oh said, “Last season, I focused on the upper grades. Then, when his older brothers left, he focused on the lower grades. At the beginning of the season, it was difficult because there were not many players who played the game. However, as experience accumulates, the team becomes stronger. It seems that the young players have adapted to the atmosphere of the stadium. The things I practiced are coming out well,” he explained the difference from the beginning of the season.

“Right now, the team seems to have reached about 70% completion. The defense is almost up. The key is attack,” he added.

If they beat Hanyang University, the next match, they will have a 50% win rate. When I mentioned this, “I really desperate for the playoffs. Every game matters if you want to make it to the playoffs. And I want to win the next match against Hanyang University.”

Continued “Our team is short. So I have to be stronger. In the matchup with the big man of the opposing team, I have to bring the upper hand.” 

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