1-0 win over Seoul E-Land in their home game– Brazilian duo Pesin and Ramas are making big strides

The early momentum of Busan IPark, a professional football team aiming for promotion this season, is unusual.

Busan defeated Seoul E-Land 1-0 in the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 Round 4 home game held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium on the 2nd. With this, Busan recorded 3 wins and 1 draw, and continued undefeated in 4 consecutive games after the opening. Including last season, they are undefeated in seven consecutive games since the draw with Gimpo in September last year. Busan, which accumulated 10 points, was ranked 3rd after Gyeongnam and Anyang (11 points), who played one more game. 먹튀검증

Busan, led by head coach Park Jin-seop, had Jung Won-jin, the “Brazilian duo” Lamas and Pesin as the three-top team, and Lim Min-hyeok, Kwon Hyuk-gyu, and Choi Ki-yoon were positioned in the midfield. Eo Jeong-won, Lee Han-do, Jo Wi-je, and Choi Jun formed the four-back defensive line.

Busan scored a lucky goal just 7 minutes after the game started. Opponent goalkeeper Moon Jeong-in’s pass to his teammate was connected to Peshin, who was pressing from the front. Pesin fired a left-footed mid-range shot without delay, and it was sucked into the right corner of the E-Land goal. After picking up two goals in his last three games, Pesin reported his third league goal. Afterwards, Busan continued its offensive to score an additional goal. Jeong Won-jin, Eo Jeong-won, and Choi Ki-yoon attempted a shot, but it did not result in a goal. In the 21st minute of the first half, E-Land Yu Jeong-wan’s header slightly missed the goal and wiped his chest.

In the second half, E-Land’s offensive was fierce. E-Land set out to make up for it by putting in four replacements, Park Joon-young, Kwak Seong-wook, Park Gyeong-min, and Kim Seon-min. The attack continued until extra time in the second half, but in the end, Busan could not open the goal.

Busan’s offense this season has changed noticeably. Including this game, he scored 8 goals in 4 matches, scoring 2 goals per game. Brazilian mercenaries Pesin and Lamas scored 3 goals and 2 goals, respectively, and domestic players such as Lee Han-do, Kim Sang-joon and Choi Ki-yoon are also scoring evenly. This is the result of a storm of players recruited through bold investments during the off-season.

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