Correspondent Cho Yong-un = There are so many things left behind by goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez (31, Aston Villa), who led Argentina to the World Cup victory.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced that it would review measures to ban goalkeepers from provoking and delaying in penalty shootouts with the International Board of Directors, the body that sets football rules. 스포츠토토

The British media’The Sun’ cited goalkeeper Martinez, who led Argentina to victory at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, as the background for FIFA’s revision of the penalty shootout rules.

Goalkeeper Martinez made decisive saves throughout the World Cup. In particular, he played a great role in winning 4-2 against France in the penalty shootout in the final. However, goalkeeper Martinez did a lot of stimulating actions, such as exaggerating nerves with exaggerated gestures every time France took a penalty shootout, dancing and throwing the ball when the opponent missed.

FIFA plans to put the brakes on goalkeepers going overboard with the goal of making opponents nervous. It was decided to regulate distracting behavior such as shouting or wasting time as well as direct contact with the opposing kicker.

Controversy over Martinez goalkeeper is substantial. After he was named the best goalkeeper at the post-win ceremony, his low-quality celebration brought him high eyebrows. FIFA decided to deal with the part of the obscene behavior in the disciplinary committee.

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