Marcus Rashford’s inhibitor was Cristiano Ronaldo.

Manchester United have been in a good mood lately. After the retirement of former coach Alex Ferguson, he is showing the most impressive performance. The League Cup has reached the final, and the league is also running for 3rd place. The coaching system of Eric Ten Hag is in place, and it is showing a stable look on and off the pitch.

At the center is Rashford. Rashford has been doing great lately. He is playing the role of Manchester United’s main gun. He has scored 15 goals in the last 16 games, including four goals in a row. Finally, the atmosphere is in full bloom.

Coincidentally, after Ronaldo’s departure, Rashford is reviving. Ronaldo, who tried to escape Manchester United last summer and did not train properly, was the main culprit in ruining the team atmosphere. Several Manchester United legends wrapped up for Ronaldo, but Ronaldo didn’t even finish the game, but he repeatedly had problems, such as leaving the ground. Eventually, it led to a major accident. Ronaldo criticized Manchester United in an interview with Piers Morgan. 온라인바카라

Man U couldn’t stand it and terminated the contract with Ronaldo. Ronaldo played the worst World Cup, failed to stay in Europe and settled in Saudi Arabia. The choice to break up with Ronaldo eventually became a ‘God’s move’. According to the British daily The Sun on the 15th (Korean time), after Ronaldo left the team, the English Premier League report card was calculated, and Manchester United proudly rose to first place. They recorded 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss in 10 matches. Of course, the number of games was more, but it is an amazing record. There was only 1 loss.

Here’s one more thing, even Rashford survived. On the 18th, The Sun compared the records of Rashford with Ronaldo and Rashford without Ronaldo, and there was a huge difference. Rashford, who scored only 12 goals in 42 games with Ronaldo, scored 15 goals in 25 games without Ronaldo. It has been upgraded in all aspects, such as shots per 90 minutes, shots on target, and touches in the box. Manchester United is seeing the effect of Ronaldo’s departure.

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