Winning is meaningful. Because this is a pro.

Cheongju KB Stars Heo Ye-eun started in the match against Busan BNK Some held at the Cheongju Gymnasium on the 11th. After a close match that went to the second overtime, Iseul Kang won the game 64-62 with a buzzer-beater winning shot. Heo Ye-eun also contributed with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, running for 41 minutes and 57 seconds.

After the game, Heo Ye-eun said, “I had a very difficult game against Shinhan Bank right before. Like the team atmosphere, it was always very difficult. If I lost this game, it seemed like it would never happen. The coach kept saying that there is no such thing as losing well (losing but fighting well). (Kang) I am very grateful to Dew unnie,” explaining why he was able to gain strength.

The game was closely contested from the first quarter to the second overtime. The score at the end of the first quarter was 16-17, the second quarter 29-28, the third quarter 41-41, the fourth quarter 51-51, and the first overtime 55-55. The highest score difference was only 5 points.

Heo Ye-eun said, “I didn’t have time to worry about the score difference. It was a situation where we could possibly be pushed to the top of the members, but we didn’t feel any pressure. Rather, I thought that if I lead well, the opportunity will come. Even when we were trailing by 4 points in the 4th quarter, we continued to see opportunities. I am really, really happy that the result turned out like this,” he said.

Both teams had a field goal success rate of only 30%. KB Stars was 34% (27/79) and BNK Some was 30% (24/80). In addition, Heo Ye-eun’s field goal success rate was 28% (5/18). Considering that Heo Ye-eun’s season average field goal success rate is 41.4%, this is a significant drop. Heo Ye-eun also hesitated because he could not directly attack due to his poor shot quality.

However, in the second overtime, he did not run away. He scored with a layup shot at the start of the second overtime, and 1 minute and 47 seconds before the end of the game, he blew the defense and succeeded in breaking through.

Regarding this, “I had a chance to finish the game before going into overtime, but I think I avoided it. I should have been a little more bold, but I couldn’t believe myself. So when I entered the tool, there was no place to retreat, so I wanted to bump into it even if I didn’t go in. I succeeded in attacking twice in the second extension, but I am sorry and thankful to my sisters because I had a lot of stake in going to the second extension.” 메이저놀이터

In KB Stars, Park Ji-soo was out of the season due to a finger injury, and Yeom Yoon-ah is also scheduled to undergo surgery due to an ankle injury. In addition, Kim Min-jung suffered a neck injury after colliding with Lee Sa-bin in the first quarter. It’s a bad thing that overlaps with bad grades.

Heo Ye-eun said, “We are going through a difficult time, but I think this is the foundation for growth. (Park) I am really grateful to Dew Seul for taking center stage when Jisoo is not around. I am sorry that I am so lacking, and I want to tell my sister that I will try harder.”

The ride with 4th place BNK Some was narrowed down to 4.5 games, with 5 games left. Will KB Stars be able to create a twist that will surprise everyone? KB Stars players do not let go of even a 1% chance.

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