In 2023, the Year of the Black Rabbit, rabbit year players are drawing attention.

As the ‘year of the rabbit’ begins, the rabbit year players are preparing for a powerful leap forward. I am in the middle of hardening with the determination to make this year my own.

Players in the year of the rabbit who will be active on the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour are Heo In-hoe and Maeng Dong-seop, born in 1987, Jeong Chan-min and Ko Gun-taek, Lee Jae-kyung, Kim Eui-in, Park Hyeong-wook, and Yoon Do-won, born in 1999.

Heo In-hoe and Maeng Dong-seop were members of the Armed Forces Sports Unit, which was temporarily operated for the 2015 Mungyeong World Military Games. Those who have become fathers have prepared a new mindset. 안전놀이터

Heo In-hoe said, “My son is born this February, and I want to get good grades and become a great father. I will make up for what I lacked last year and make the year of the rabbit into the year of Heo In-hoe.” Maeng Dong-seop also said, “My daughter was born in April this year, and I want to be a proud father. I had a satisfactory season last year. I want to achieve good results this time without injury.”

The ‘young rabbits’ also showed firm determination. In particular, Jung Chan-min, the king of long strokes, said, “It was regrettable that I couldn’t win,” and promised, “My goal is to win the first win in the new year. 

The ‘Rabbit’ players who will be active on the KLPGA Tour this season are Park Hyun-kyung, Choi Ye-rim, Ahn Ji-hyun, Lee Ga-young, Hwang Jung-mi, Kim Ryan, Madasom Lee Chae-eun, and rookie Kim Ha-ni.

Park Hyeon-gyeong, who was the only player to pass the cut in all competitions he participated in last year but ended up with a draw, said, “It was a pity that I couldn’t win, so it was a season where I had a lot of desire to win.” In the winter, I will train harder than I have done so far. This year, I will prepare thoroughly so that there will be more happy days than difficult days.”

Likewise, Choi Ye-rim, who finished runner-up twice last season but did not reach the top, said, “This winter, I am resting and healing with my dog, focusing on physical training and putt practice. Until my first win on the regular tour, my goal is to first It’s a win. Please watch.”

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