Um Ji-seong (21), a young ace of Gwangju FC, did not hide his desire to be selected for the Korean national soccer team.

Um Ji-seong insisted at a press conference at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held in Jeju on the 8th, “It is a great honor to represent Korea in the competition.”

Young winger Um Ji-seong, born in 2002, scored 9 goals last season and played a big role in Gwangju’s K-League 1 promotion.

Um Ji-seong, who had his debut season in the K-League 1 in 2021, has grown further and challenged the 1st division again.

Ahead of the K League 1 return season, Um Ji-seong is more motivated than ever this season as the 2023 Asian Games, Asian Cup, and 2024 Paris Summer Olympics are getting closer and closer.

The following is Umji-seong’s full Q&A.

-I want to hear your thoughts ahead of the new season.

I’m training and I’m looking forward to it because it seems to be going well. I think we are a competitive team, so if we prepare well for the rest of the period, I think we can show a good image.

-I came back to K-League 1 again. Do you have a personal attack point target?

Last year, I set a goal of 10 (attack points). This season, I will compete with players of a higher level, so rather than set the number of attack points, I try to finish as much as I can.

-I had a head-to-head match with Eom Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), who I played with.

(Eom) When Won-sang played with his older brother, he played opposite me, so now we will face each other on the same line. As a player I respected and admired watching his play, I think I feel different and excited. Still, I try not to lose because I have to compete with each other on the field.

-Director Lee Jeong-hyo showed strong confidence in attacking soccer. What kind of soccer do you want to play in the K-League 1?

I am preparing a different tactic than last year, so I think I will be able to show more aggressive and fun football than last year.

-You played in the K-League 1 in your debut season. Please point out what has improved since then.

I honestly don’t even remember what I did when I had my debut match. Last year and this year, I know what to do on the pitch and what will help the team. I wonder if this part is different because I have accumulated experience.

-Are there any memorable words from director Lee Jung-hyo?

He said that since last year, the coach told him a lot not to settle for 1 goal, but to score 2 or 3 goals. He has been told a lot that once he scores a goal, he becomes indolent, so he thinks he needs to make up for this.

– Soon there will be Asian Games, Asian Cup, and Olympics. I think it will be a motivation ahead of the season.

I think it’s every athlete’s dream to compete. Also, representing Korea on a big stage is a great honor, so I can’t help but think about it. I want to show a good performance this season because I have to show a good figure to enter the tournament.

-At this point, please tell me what you think is better than Eom Won-sang.

Last time, I said that I use my left foot better, but I can’t show it here, so I want to show it on the pitch.

– It was said that his experience has increased compared to his debut season. Please tell us about the progress in terms of his performance.

He seems to be able to keep up with the tempo of the game. In the first year, I was busy following up, but now I think the offensive side

has changed.

We are training in a good atmosphere because we have been promoted. Last year, we played a good game and the season was in a good mood, but I think we were able to finish the season with good results thanks to the senior hyungs always helping us and the younger players helping us well. 바카라사이트

-There is a famous signature ceremony. Are there any new ceremonies being formed?

That’s what I want to bring to the end as a footballer. I plan to change it later if there is a meaningful ceremony, but for now I plan to push forward with this.

-What does the ceremony mean?

My junior made it after my name. The thumb of my right hand means my surname (Um), and the left hand means ‘surname’, one of my names.

– Your peers, such as Jeong Sang-bin (Grass Hopper) and Yang Hyun-jun (Gangwon FC), are all doing well. You can be motivated by seeing their performance, but you may also feel impatient.

There was no urgency. I cheered for him as a player and as a friend. I’ve received that kind of attention before, and I cheered for it because I know it motivates me. I think I cheered with the thought that if I work hard in the future, I might be able to meet them in a high position.

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