The Toronto Raptors looked to capture their main scorer before the season.

According to TSN reporter Josh Lewenberg, Toronto offered Fred VanVleet (guard, 185cm, 89kg) a contract extension in the offseason, but was rejected.

Toronto said it offered VanVleet a whopping $114 million contract before the season. The length of his contract has not been disclosed in detail, but considering Van Vleet’s existing contract and the size of the contract offered, it is expected to be a four-year contract.

VanVleet is a franchise star in Toronto, and has improved each year since entering the NBA. Although this season has been stagnant for a while, he has been active as a practical main gun this season without fail. This season, he is averaging 18.8 points (.377 .325 .878), 4.1 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.6 steals in 37.1 minutes per game in 31 games.

He consistently improved his record until last season. In his last season, since becoming a full-time starter, he appeared in 65 games, his most, and averaged 20.3 points, the most of his career. For the first time since advancing to the NBA, he raised an average of more than 20 points and played an unmatched performance as the center of a team. His last season was his best year, earning his first All-Star selection.

However, VanVleet has occasionally been sidelined by injury, as he had been in previous seasons. In the 2017-2018 season, his second year, he played 76 games, the most since advancing to the big leagues. Even from the 2019-2020 season, when he took his starting position in earnest, the last season was the only time he played more than 60 games. Overall, it shows dissatisfaction with his durability.

Nevertheless, Toronto tried to hold on to the franchise star. Along with him, of course, VanVleet is at the center of the team alongside Pascal Siakam. However, it is expected that Toronto will struggle to be with VanVleet in the future as Toronto is not using its strength unlike expectations this season. He has a player option available after the season. 안전놀이터

If it’s not easy for Toronto to get along with VanVleet, they could try a trade this season. Because he could become a free agent after the season. Considering that he is a potential expiring contract, Toronto deserves a step forward. However, the team is still well-organized with a focus on young players, so it remains to be seen whether they will start trading and how active they will be even if they try.

VanVleet’s current contract was signed in the fall of 2020. Toronto signed a four-year, $85 million contract with VanVleet. With a player option in the final year of the contract, VanVleet has won over $21 million per year in the deal. Judging from Toronto’s refusal of an extended contract before the season, it is assumed that VanVleet is looking for a contract worth around $30 million per year.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, in addition to Siakam and Van Vleet, Gary Trent Jr., OG Anunobi, and Scotty Barnes are positioned as prospects and powerhouses. However, Otto Porter Jr., who was recruited from outside last summer, can hardly play due to injury, and Precious Achiuwa ended the season with an injury, making it difficult to build a lineup.

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