“He led well”.

When Shim Jae-hak, the new general manager of the KIA Tigers, took over, the catcher trade came out of nowhere. It is speculated that the new general manager will make a trade to strengthen the weak hitting catcher.  

Han Seung-taek has a batting average of 106 with 3 RBIs, and Joo Hyo-sang has a batting average of 609 with 1 RBI. Han Seung-taek is wearing a mask as the starting 먹튀검증 pitcher, and Joo Hyo-sang is backing up as a backup catcher. There is a lot going on in the catcher’s batting order, so you may need a catcher who can hit. 

However, manager Kim Jong-guk did not comment on the catchers’ hitting. Instead, he is only giving orders saying that even if he can’t hit, he only needs to play defense. Realistically, it is because the two catchers have to keep playing while keeping the spirit alive.  

Moreover, Han Seung-taek is contributing to the victory by raising RBIs during the team’s recent upward trend. On the 3rd, he scored a runaway wedge in the game against Lotte in Gwangju, and on April 27, in the game against Gwangju, NC, he also scored 2 RBIs, running away 5-0 against Gu Chang-mo. 

Coach Kim Jong-guk greatly praised catcher Han Seung-taek, who worked together with Yang Hyeon-jong on the 9th when Yang Hyeon-jong pitched 8 scoreless innings against SSG Landers and won a total of 161 wins. 

Prior to the match against SSG on the 10th, coach Kim said, “(Yesterday) Hyeon-Jong followed Seung-Taek’s lead. We talked a lot with each other. It would have been comfortable,” he applauded.

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