The national baseball team to compete in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) is temporarily convened.

The KBO will hold an orientation for the WBC team on the 16th at the Riviera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. It is known that around 20 players will gather, excluding KBO league players and players from major league clubs who are undergoing personal training abroad early on.

The reason for holding a separate orientation is that there is no opportunity to gather until the convocation training in February. The national team will train in Tucson, Arizona, USA from February 15th. Before that, we set a separate call-up date based on the judgment that it would be better to gather once and hold an orientation, as each team has to participate in the spring camp. A KBO official said on the 12th, “It will be a place to provide equipment for the national team and explain the rules related to the tournament.” 바카라

A major change in the WBC rule is ‘match-up’. Until the end of the game, overtime was conducted, and if the match was not decided, the match started from the 13th inning. However, starting from this year’s tournament, the winner will be decided by a straight game from the 10th inning. Accordingly, it is said that the coaching staff of the national team considered the match-up in the player selection stage.

In addition, the WBC limits the number of pitches pitched by pitchers to prevent injury. The first round has a maximum of 65 pitches and the quarterfinal tournament has a maximum of 80 pitches. From the quarterfinals, the maximum pitch was set at 95 pitches. Detailed regulations, including the pitch limit, are explained in detail at the orientation so that players can properly understand them.

Players who could not participate in this orientation have already been provided with national team equipment. Among the 30 national team entries announced on the 4th, Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh Pirates), who has not yet finalized his participation in the tournament, is still discussing with his team. The deadline for submitting national team entries is February 8.

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