“The ball digging into the body was very good.”

On the 13th (hereinafter Korean time), Annex Field in Reed Park, Tucson, Arizona, USA. NC One-Two Punch’s Koo Chang-mo and Eric Peddie took on live pitching side by side. Hitters watched up to three balls from Koo Chang-mo and Pedi at bat, and some hitters boldly batted the first and second pitches.

Apparently, attention was focused on Gu Chang-mo. This is because Gu Chang-mo leaves the NC spring camp on the 15th and moves to the baseball team camp. In preparation for this, he made full preparations, such as pitching in the bullpen three or four times through individual training in Jeju. He pitched his power earlier than in previous years, and made his physical condition to pitch as quickly as possible.

However, the NC batters attacked Gu Chang-mo’s ball quite well. Even if Gu Chang-mo did not pitch with 100% power, he was quite strong, and the NC people had mixed feelings in that he was in a ‘practical mode’ to some extent, such as checking the breaking ball. 안전놀이터

Do Tae-hun also threw a sharp ball that flew to the left warning track, and some hitters produced hits. Koo Chang-mo also said, “It seems that our batters have prepared well.” However, as Koo Chang-mo pitched again and again, his ball became more powerful. He threw 25 balls, and the speed of the last 24 balls was 143 km.

It was also impressive to see Park Kun-woo, third in career batting average, giving honest feedback, who entered the plate against Koo Chang-mo. Park Kun-woo stepped down with a hit against Gu Chang-mo. At the same time expressing the feeling that the control of the breaking ball was a little shaken, “The ball digging into the body was very good. I think we can do it like we do now.”

Gu Chang-mo said, “It wasn’t bad overall. Of course, it was disappointing to control the breaking ball, but it will get better with practice. His redemption will rise as the season progresses. I used the WBC official ball, and the adaptation was over. I think our batters prepared well.”

Pedi also expressed his feelings. “I did my first live pitching, and overall I am satisfied. I threw 26 pitches, and I am satisfied with all four pitches I use in the strike zone. I am satisfied with the reaction of others.” “His family and girlfriend are in Tucson. It’s two hours away from home, but I really like the support of my family.”

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