‘Leader’ Choi Woo-yeon had a firm basketball philosophy.

The 2023 Gyeonggi Bucheon, Siheung Youth and Youth Club League (i-League) was held on the 21st at the gymnasium of Daeya Elementary School located in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do. During the U15 game, the Basquium Basketball Class played in a harmonious atmosphere.

I could see a familiar face on the bench in the Basquium basketball classroom. It was Choi Woo-yeon from Incheon Electronic Land (now Daegu Korea Gas Corporation). Choi Woo-yeon was in charge of the coach of the middle school representative class of the Basquium Basketball Class.

Choi Woo-yeon, who was a center at Sungkyunkwan University, wore the E-Land uniform with the 6th pick in the 3rd round in the 2017 KBL domestic rookie draft. After two seasons of professional career, he also worked as a 3×3 player after his retirement.

He said, “I want to try his studies as soon as he retires as a professional, so I am attending a graduate school of physical education. He got a taste of 3×3 last year while serving in the military and teaching children. This year, he wants to properly take care of the children and let them experience this kind of competition, so he is taking a break from 3×3 and is concentrating on his life as a leader.”

He said that there were many things he felt as a leader rather than a player. Coach Choi Woo-yeon said, “I felt the feelings of many people who taught me. ‘Ah, I was really wrong’ (laughs),” he said with a smile. It is difficult to find the middle ground between the atmosphere of people exercising and the atmosphere of having fun,” he said, researching as a leader.

However, his philosophy was evident throughout the match. On this day, coach Choi Woo-yeon constantly instilled confidence in the Basquium players and played a role in raising the atmosphere whenever the player scored. Thanks to this, smiles bloomed on the faces of the players.먹튀검증

Coach Choi Woo-yeon said, “First of all, it has to be fun. I think ‘I want to do more’ and ‘I want to know’ should be the starting point. Actually, since basketball is a competition, it is fun to win. However, even if I won while hurting and annoying the other person in the middle, I don’t think it will remain as a good memory. I want to make a good memory in life for the children who are learning from me,” he said, revealing his teaching philosophy.

He then said, “It was the first time our team came in, and I am grateful that the school supported the venue and created a good environment.” He then said, “I think there should be more competitions like this. I also had a high school and elite athlete life, but it seemed to be progressing in a similar environment, so I thought, ‘The kids are having fun in a good environment’” and left a positive review for this tournament.

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