“Every time I ask, he tells me very well in detail, and he also works out with the players. I’m trying to see and learn more.”

Choi Yeong-ho (180cm, G), a senior at Whimoon High School, started in the round of 16 of the 2023 National Men’s and Women’s Middle and High School Basketball League against Gwangshin Broadcasting High School held at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 6th, and made a big success with 11 points, 4 rebounds and 9 assists in 31 minutes and 35 seconds. Whimungo added a double-double by Ahn Se-hwan (26 points, 15 rebounds) and Lee Je-won (22 points, 12 rebounds) to win 97-66 and advance to the quarterfinals.

After the game, Choi Young-ho said, “In her second competition, she failed to qualify. She also had several players injured, and (Ahn) Sehwan was also out due to an injury. I was worried because I couldn’t get my hands and feet together for a long time after her return. Fortunately, I came up to the quarterfinals, so I feel so good,” she said of her victory.

Whimoon High succeeded in dominating the air force (50-21) by using high heights such as Ahn Se-hwan (205cm, C), Seo Jeong-gu (200cm, F, C), and Lee Je-won (196cm, G, F), and an easy victory with the addition of Choi Young-ho’s leadership won카지노사이트

Choi Young-ho said, “At first, there were many tall players on the team, so as a leader, I felt the court was narrow. Since he was narrow, he made many mistakes while trying to break through. Of course, now that I’m used to it, I’m playing the game comfortably,” he said.

At Whimoon High School, there is Lee Hyeon-min (former Hyundai Mobis) coach A. What advice would you give as someone in the same position? Choi Young-ho said, “He always advises me to be confident. Every time I ask, he tells me in detail, and he works out with the players. I am trying to see and learn more.”

Lastly, Choi Young-ho said, “In the last tournament, I lost against Muryong-go, my opponent in the quarterfinals. I really want to win this time,” he said of his goal.

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