Crowder expressed his displeasure. 

In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal on the 29th (hereafter Korean time), Jay Crowder of the Milwaukee Bucks honestly talked about his thoughts. 

The elimination of No. 1 seed Milwaukee was the most shocking result in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Milwaukee, which was evaluated as an overwhelming advantage, exited the playoff stage early, losing in five games against eighth-seeded Miami.

In the midst of the team’s elimination, the presence of Crowder, an 11-year NBA veteran, was faint. Crowder traded to Milwaukee midway through the season. Although not as much as during his Phoenix days, he averaged close to 20 minutes in regular season games after moving to Milwaukee.

However, Crowder didn’t have a lot of weight in this playoff. He appeared in four games and averaged only 10.3 minutes played, 1.8 points and 1.0 rebounds, all of which he did. Excluding the 4th game, where he ran 19 seconds, Crowder’s playing time was not that great.

Milwaukee is a team that has been mentioned as a potential destination since Crowder was on the trade block in Phoenix. They had a crowd by writing five second-round picks at the trade deadline. Of course, it was a possible choice because there was a will to be moderate. 

Nevertheless, Crowder’s performance on the court was not very good. He failed all 6 3-pointers he tried in this playoff, and the defense did not come out as influential as in his prime. Taking him out of the rotation was perhaps an inevitable choice.카지노사이트

Crowder has played for several strong teams such as Boston, Miami, and Phoenix. He responded that the rotation decision was difficult to understand.

“I have never been in a situation like this in my career,” Crowder said. There has never been anything like that in my career,” he said.

Crowder qualifies as a free agent in the summer. Despite having a disappointing time, Crowder hopes to stay in Milwaukee because he has built good feelings with his teammates in the locker room.

Crowder said, “I’m thinking of renewing my contract because I had a great time in the locker room with my teammates. I’m really grateful to my teammates for welcoming me to play in such an environment. I received a lot of love from day one,” expressing satisfaction with life in Milwaukee. revealed 

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