‘Rookie’ For Doo-jae Won, the 2023 season and Managing Director Kim Cheon are the springboard for another leap forward.

At the time of winning the 2020 AFC U-23 Championship, Won Doo-jae, who swept the championship and MVP, was once evaluated as ‘the second Ki Sung-yong’, but since then, he has not been able to unfold his wings to his heart’s content due to frequent injuries. He could have done more, but he couldn’t show his optimal skills, so he had to spend a time of regret for himself as well as for his fans.

Now, it is an attitude that will not repeat those regrets and mistakes. Whenever he was asked about the new season, Kimcheon, Won Doo-jae answered that his physical condition was important. There is a reason. This is because he has learned through the hardships of the past two to three years that in order to achieve all the goals and expectations he is talking about, he must first run healthily. Doo-jae Won really wants to play in the K-League in good health.

“Are we the favorites? The season hasn’t started yet.”

Q. Nice to meet you. I heard that you are playing a lot of practice games through the second training in Gimcheon. Is the adaptation going well?
“As you said, after coming to Busan, I have been playing a lot of practice games, but I don’t think I have much time to exercise other than practice games, so I personally do a lot of weights. I’m trying to keep my body as good as possible. I feel like it’s getting better, and I have a feeling it’s going to get better in the future.”

Q. Kim Cheon’s central defense is evaluated as being rather loose. Occasionally, there is a possibility of playing as a center back as in Ulsan,
but “I think I can show my abilities better when I play as a defensive midfielder, but I am confident that I can do well even if I change positions as long as I am in good condition and prepared to do well.”

Q. Busan I-Park coach Park Jin-seop picked Kim Cheon as the strongest contender for the championship
. , I don’t think we need to be conceited first because it’s something we can know after the opening.”

Q. This is your first time playing K-League 2.
“When I was playing in Ulsan, I didn’t watch many K-League 2 games. I did occasionally look for teams to face off against, but when I first went to Japan, I started in the 2nd division. The 2nd division has a slightly different atmosphere from the 1st division. I’m also nervous, and I think it’s very important to adapt to that atmosphere.”

“If you take good care of your body, the results will follow” Q. After being the MVP of the AFC U-23 Championship, you were expected to be on the national team, but you have been 바카라사이트

a little slow for the past 1-2 years.
I was injured again when I was trying to do something again. There were many things, such as my shoulder coming off after returning from the national team. It was not a long-term injury, but it was difficult because situations where I had to rehabilitate for 2-3 weeks continued to occur. It was difficult because I kept feeling my condition sinking. , In Gimcheon, we pay the most attention to that point. We are thinking of managing body fat and things like that.”

Q. It seems that the most important goal after coming to Gimcheon is to run healthily, but
I think to myself, “If I take good care of my physical condition, my performance will follow. If I am healthy, I can maintain a good condition. no.”

Q. Kim Cheon’s career is important in many ways. Ulsan has a lot of excellent players, and we need to do well in this team to get our place when we return.
“I haven’t thought about that yet. I’m not the type to think about things too late. I just think that if I do well, everything will follow suit. I don’t think too much about the past. , The important thing is what happens in the future. While playing in Korea for the past 2-3 years, I thought a lot about what I should do in the future, but the conclusion has always been that if I supplement well, better results will come out.”

Q. There seems to be a lot of competition in Gimcheon
because there are many good midfielders. I think that’s important.”

Q. Last year, you won the K-League 1 with Ulsan. This year, he could win the K-League 2 with Gimcheon. If you can do it, I think it’s a career that no one can get, but
say, “If you win in Ulsan, go down to K-League 2 and win again, isn’t it a really good thing? It’s also a wish. I think it’s really important to try to make it happen. But I don’t even think about that much. It might be a bit frustrating to hear the same kid all the time, but for me, if I’m healthy and show my best performance, everything will be I think it’s possible. The only thing I care about the most right now is the condition of my body.”

Q. What message do you want to leave to Gimcheon fans?
“In the past few seasons, there were many things that I regretted a lot even when I thought about it. But I’m trying not to keep it in my mind. The more I do, the more stress I get and I show poor performance. I just want to focus on this year. I just want to focus on our best performance. I will work really hard so that Kimcheon can win and be promoted right away. Please support me.”

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