On the first day of the ‘2022 PBA Team League Round 5’ held on the 19th, Blue One started off smoothly by winning two doubles matches in the 1st and 2nd sets in the match against Hana Card (Gwangmyeong Take Hotel).

However, in the 3rd set southern singles vanguard match, Zapata, whom he trusted, lost 2:15, leaving a dark cloud over. Zapata was a strong player with 6 wins and 1 loss in the PBA designated match in the 2nd round of the first half.

Kasido Costas, who has been gradually improving his shot since his return, finished the game in 3 innings with a splendid performance. After running away with 6 consecutive hits in 1 inning and 7 consecutive hits in 2 innings, he won 15:2 with 2 consecutive hits in 3 innings.

Hana also won the women’s ace match in the 6th set. Kim Ga-young defeated Throng, who was not aiming well, with 3 consecutive hits in 8 innings, 9:3, and turned the match to a 3-3 score.토토

The 7th set was a fight between Chapak and Shin Jeong-ju. It was Chapak’s second appearance after the mixed match, and Shin Jeong-ju’s first appearance. Shin Jeong-ju led the game with 3 consecutive hits in 1 inning and 3 consecutive hits in 6 innings.

However, the attempt to turn back at 9 points fell due to lack of strength, giving the team a chance to turn around.

Chapak, who chased by 1 point with 3 consecutive hits in 6 innings and 2 consecutive hits in 7 innings, ended the match in an instant by shooting 3 runs with a bank shot when Shin Jeong-ju failed to finish.

Hana Card and TS Shampoo, who ranked first in the first season, lost again to NH and Blue One, who lost in the 4th round, and are wandering around the bottom with 2 wins and 6 losses.